January 23, 2014


I have spent the bulk of this week preparing for Addison's surgery, which for those who are praying, will be Monday January 27th.  It has seriously taken longer to get the ducks lined up than it will for the procedure.

First it was trying to schedule.  It took an entire day and repeated phone calls for that.  The lady who handles scheduling surgery for Addison's doctor was out so that was 2 days.  She came back on Tuesday when we happened to have a snow storm.  The phone line at children's went out every time she called me.  When we finally got to where we could talk, it turns out Dr. S wanted to do it on a day when Allen was supposed to be out of town on business and I had a day booked with other appointments.  Allen cancelled his trip and I spent a few hours moving all our appointments.
Then there was the preop visit to our pediatrician to get him cleared for surgery.  They were trying to get us in on Thursday because Children's needed the authorization by Friday.  So we had to wait.  A long time.  Actually it took two hours in the doctor's office to get a little form filled out.

So three days spent for Appointments last week.  One day for scheduling and rescheduling this week.  Plus another day at the doctors.  That is 5 days out of two weeks just for medical stuff.  I know that this might sound like complaining but I am really not.  I am getting to a point here.

During one of the calls with the scheduling department the nurse was taking down all our information.  Which I don't quite get, because one of the big selling points at Children's is that all your info and all your reports are in the system so you don't have to fill out paperwork all the time.  And as many appointments as we have had there everyone should know the names of Addison's parents and probably my skirt size and the type of car Allen drives, too.

So this nurse is on the line and we go over our phone number, address, and insurance information.  She reviews all Addison's stats and Allen's.  Then she gets to me.  Name.  DOB.  Phone number.  All those are easy enough.

But it was when she got to this last one that I was momentarily left speechless.  "Are you still unemployed?"

EMPLOY', v. t. [L. plico. ]1. To occupy the time, attention and labor of; to keep busy, or at work; to use. We employ our hands in labor; we employ... Noah Webster 1828

Now, unemployed is what I think of when I see someone lounging about playing video games all day.  Unemployed makes me think of someone hanging out on street corners with signs asking for money.  Unemployed makes me think of when Allen was laid off and spent months searching for a position.  I have never been unemployed in my life.  In fact, the closest I ever came to being unemployed was when I went off to a paying job every day.

I didn't actually know what to say to the lady on the phone right off.  I feel anything but unemployed at the moment.  I just spent 5 days trying to make arrangements to take my son for a 15 minute procedure.  While homeschooling 6 kids.  And mentoring my 2 adult daughters. And planning a baby shower for 3 women.  And overseeing arrangements for a sweetheart banquet for 19 couples.  And dealing with a severe flareup of arthritis.  And tending to 6 kids music instruments and instruction.  And reaching out to several neighbors and other friends in the community.  In there I also crocheted a sweater, worked on a quilt, had a date with my hubby, attended worship, and did yoga for 6 hours.

No, I don't feel unemployed.  And, quite frankly, I resent the implication.  I may be underpaid (no offense to my good husband who provides more than adequately for all my needs and wants) but I am certainly not unemployed.

But I didn't tell her that.  Because as much as she needed to hear it, and as much as I wanted to say it, the truth is I didn't have time to try to explain it.

It just seemed easier to keep it down to a simple, "Yes."


  1. I've been down with the flu and was asked the same question upon visiting the urgent care. I just didn't have the energy to respond any differently than you did. But, my thoughts were all the same. We are anything but unemployed!

  2. So true! It always seems ridiculous when people ask 'do you work?' and I say 'no' (Um, I just spend all day and most of the evening cleaning, cooking, changing diapers, reading to and disciplining and playing with children, washing dishes, sewing, doing errands... oh and when we have a new baby I'm up half the night too... nope, I don't work) ;o)
    I am amazed at how much you have accomplished!
    Praying all goes well with Addison!