February 28, 2014



Seriously, after the craziness of the last few months, I was really looking forward to February.  A dull month with lots of blank spaces on the calendar.  Sweet, quiet, boring February.  Long days spent sitting at the school table and nights reading books around the fire.  Not quite three weeks in and February has been anything but boring or quiet.  

It has been a month in which we crafted ALOT
For the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Valentine's party
 and for our church family
and for
Valentine's Day
 And for a triple baby shower
and for the Sweetheart banquet
which was postponed due to a significant snow storm (see 18 inches of snow)
Oh, and sometimes we crafted because who could get more fun than 3 hours in the playroom with these two girls and a jar of glitter glue?

But that's not all.  We continue to deal with constant sickness.  I think this is truly the direct result of being in and out of doctor's offices and Children's hospital with Addison.  Not to mention having his therapist, who is surrounded by preschoolers all day, in and out of our home.  We are now into our fourth round of sickness since October.  This time Carmella had a fever for a week.
Addison caught a respiratory virus

Ellie developed bronchitis
and then broke out in hives from the antibiotic

 Sam came down with a sore throat and fever and was delirious for several days.

Which the doctor says is no big deal.  This is the second time it has happened in the last few months and I'm here to tell you it is down right scary.  Even if it is no big deal we can't let him out of our sight because we don't know if he will end up hurting himself while trying to get a snack or wander into the street and get hit by a car in the middle of the night.  One week Allen and I did not sleep for 6 nights.  Yeah, we are worn out!  Thankfully, he is better now and acting like his old self, again.

We also had a lot of winter weather in February...

It was COLD.  Which is great for snuggling by the wood stove.

And there was snow.

And there was ice.

In fact, one storm took out a number of trees.

and our water and power went out for a couple of days.

It just so happened to be my birthday.

So the kids decorations did double duty

A Stitch In Lives previewed a new line of Owls.

You've got to check these special guys out.  

They are from the Where there is love there is life are owls" line. 

Each is specially designed to give a special Valentine's Day feel. 

 The owls from this line have a special heart applique on the back.  

These will be made only in February and sold while supplies last. 

 I apologize for not getting them up here sooner (read above if you wonder why) but there are some left so check them out before they are all gone.

As February rushed on the snow and ice melted, the creek rose and we celebrated

And Sweethearts

We honed our skills and learned some new ones
Pulling up

Riding a two wheeler
Brianna colored my hair for the first time
 The kids joined a band
Nathaniel teaching Samuel the piano
And Carmella making a duet into a trio
After a year of waiting the power company completed the next step for our addition.  (No the power line project is not finish... just another step in the process)
We logged 184 miles in our running shoes

and watched the Olympics
And I read a book
 I hope to someday write proper posts for many of these events, but really, who are we kidding?  In the meantime, I can not wait to see what March has in store!

February 26, 2014

For Leon

Since the kids joined a band we have been in pursuit of a trumpet, a trombone, a flute, a saxophone and two violins. We were renting our instruments at a hefty cost each month.  We wanted good quality instruments and were willing to invest but still wanted to be economical as we were purchasing six instruments.
The instrument market is very big and confusing. Especially when you are buying second hand. And know nothing about any of the instruments. It's hard to find a trustworthy and honest seller who will stand behind their instruments. After several frustrating weeks of searching eBay we found Leon
Leon helped us match five of the kids with their instruments. And the one he didn't have (trombone) he helped us find from another seller. He was so fast to answer my questions and easy to communicate with.
All the instruments are just beautiful and an upgrade from what we were renting and expected to buy. The kids love them and Mom is happy to have the instrument purchasing ordeal over and is excited to start hearing music!
Thank you, Leon for all your help!