February 4, 2014

In Love With Decorating and Crafting

We have a lot of love to celebrate here everyday.  I love having a special day to focus on letting those around me know how very much I love them.  
This year, more than ever, we have reason to celebrate the love God has surrounded us with... First, because he loved us enough to send our Savior.  Second, because he loved me enough to give me my partner for life.  Third, because he filled our home with the love of 9 amazing kiddos.  
 Sickness wiped out Christmas for our family.  Even though we did eventually celebrate somewhere around January it just wasn't quite the same.  So we have really enjoyed decorating and preparing for Valentine's Day.

The last few weekends we have been busy crafting away for our couples sweetheart banquet.  And last Saturday we spent the day making hundreds of Valentines treats for our church family and for our F.R.I.E.N.D.S. first annual Valentine's Dance next Saturday.
 The butterflies and flowers were super simple for even little Carmella to make.  The airplanes took a little more dexterity.  I had actually done those with the big girls when they were tiny and I should have remembered they were a little trickier.  But we had a great time anyway and everyone was able to join in different steps.  Most of all we look forward to sharing some smiles with those we love.

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