February 4, 2014

Snow, Hot Cocoa and Wonderful Things

We have had several wonderful snows this year.  
 We like to join the family for sledding but the last few weeks it has been in the single digits and that's too cold for the little princess to be outside.  On those days we observe the fun on this side of the door.
 With the super cold temperatures the snow is dry and looks as if someone dumped a bag of sugar.  It's not very good for sledding or building or anything.  And yet my gang must go out and simply walk in the snow.  Why?  Because, even at night, snow is simply too magical to miss.

One of the great things about snow is coming inside to a pot of hot cocoa.  Everyone loves my recipe and asks how I make the best hot cocoa in the world.   But there is no real secret to it.  I just get a good old fashioned can of Hershey's Chocolate and follow the recipe on the side.  Well, I do use 50% half and half for the milk.  And I do add some instant espresso powder.  And a sprinkle of nutmeg and some cinnamon.  But that's all.
 Except for the whipped cream and candy cane for garnish.
The weather man is calling for some more snow tonight.  And that just makes me happy!  Tomorrow is my birthday and I can't think of a more wonderful day than curled up with a good book, some kiddos and a cup of cocoa watching snow fall outside.


  1. Hi Kat!!
    Just stopping by to say hi and catch up on you and the family. Looks like you all have been doing well.
    The last couple weeks we have been hearing and seeing (via FB) all the pics from family and friends up there in MD of all the snow. I will say it's quite beautiful, but I don't miss it.. LOL. It was always fun getting snowed in though.. just made you hunker down and have fun with the family.
    I was reading some of your other posts and just want to say, that even though I'm pretty much done 'raising' my girls, I am just so blessed and inspired by your testimony and witness to all those who read your blog. Sharing your struggles and faith with so many.
    Thank you dear sister in Christ..
    Enjoy that warmer weather your getting :-)