March 4, 2014

Addison, A Sled, And the Fireplace

Allen decided our family needed a few days away in the mountains.  
 So we threw some snow boots and gloves in the suitcase and off we went.
 One of these days, I might actually blog about it.
 In the meantime the general idea was a lot of snow
 A lot of books
 A lot of food
 A lot of laughing
 the hot tub
 Cozy blankets
 Lots of photo ops with the Physicist
 And four days with the people I love the best.


  1. Honestly Addison is the cutest little one. These photos of him in the crocheted hat, scarf and sweater are just adorable.

  2. Ahhh, I love him so much! What beautiful smiles! He's a treasure. ^.^

  3. Aww. He is so adorable and what a great grouping of pictures!! So cute.