March 12, 2014

Update on Madison

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Madison!

After many delays Madison came  out of surgery around 4:00.  Overall the surgeon was happy with the result.  As best as I understand it because of the amount of aortic tissue around the muscle they were not able to remove as much as they had planned.  Madison lost a lot of blood and has been on constant transfusions since the surgery.  Because of the risk of infection they decided to close her chest knowing they may have to open her up again tomorrow morning to deal with the bleeding.  As of the last update she continues to be on transfusions with the thought they may need to go back in as soon as tonight.  This little one is really struggling but she is fighting.  Even through all that she is resisting the sedation medications.  Please continue to pray.  You can get updates at Her Life Worth Living.

P.S. If anyone would like to send cards or notes to Madison or her family feel free to email me:

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