April 23, 2014

Bowties, Peeps and Stuffed Things

 Our Easter holiday was filled with traditions but also some new firsts.  We made our traditional resurrection rolls and resurrection cookies on Saturday.  Somehow the little kids always end up looking like sticky boulders.  
 Samuel is such a good big brother.  He was eager to show Carmella how to butter and sprinkle her marshmallow with cinnamon and sugar.
At two and a half, Carmella is super independent and could not wait to try it herself.  
The boys potted these asters in crystal punch cups to be used as centerpieces and party favors for our Easter dinner on Sunday.  Except we forgot to send them home with company so they ended up blessing the kids various music instructors.
 And then there were the bow ties.  Our boys love bow ties right now.  And they quickly voted on bow ties in this tangerine fabric to match the little girls for their Easter suits. I can not for life of me remember why anyone thought it was a good idea to learn to tie their own versus using the pre-tied ones Kaitlin usually makes them.  But there you have it.  After some failed efforts on Saturday to get it to come out right, I assigned Aunt Dawn to getting the ties tied before church on Sunday.  This was just a bad idea all around.  Our church was meeting much earlier than usual so we were already pressing to get out the door on time.  And then we spent a half hour not tying ties.  I finally perfected it, on Monday.  
 I don't think I will ever get tired of looking down the row during worship and seeing my family lined up.  This Sunday was unusual in that 1- Addison had on a linen outfit and tangerine tie to match his brothers and 2- he stayed awake for the entire service.  (probably because of the time change) 3- he decided to wave and "talk" to Pastor during most of the sermon.
 Carmella didn't eat much during the fellowship breakfast at church so she was starved by the time we got home and made lunch.  The pink peeps in her Easter basket were enough to hold her over, though.
 And for the first time in my 22 years of parenting I bought a stuffed thing.  I never buy stuffed things.  I abhor them.  I am typically trying to get rid of them.  But this one was irresistible.  It was Allen's idea, actually.  But, gee, isn't this rabbit adorable?  Addison seems to love it.  He has been snuggling him for days.
And speaking of snuggling, Addison has had a fever so I've had the blessing of snuggling him for the last two days.  Love my snuggles!!!  Bunny and all.

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  1. Cute pictures! Carmella is so adorable with her peeps. I know what you mean about stuffed toys- we are overrun with them already. I am sentimental and can't bear to get rid of them, so most are in a plastic bin in the basement. ;)