April 21, 2014

Easter Eggs

We had a beautiful weekend full of sweet friends, celebrations and amazing weather.  There were three birthdays, 2 newborns, a long weekend with Aunt Dawn and a garden party filled with friends.  I started uploading photos and quickly realized it would be a massive amount of pictures for one post.  What a surprise!  Then I decided maybe a few smaller bites would be better.

This was our first Easter with Addison and it was delightful introducing him to all our family traditions.  Starting with dying 10 dozen eggs.  Our Henry loves to color.  It is one of his favorite parts of therapy each day.  He was a little baffled at the coloring on an egg deal.  Pa helped him through it and he caught on pretty fast.

 His finished masterpiece.  I am feeling really sentimental about this little egg.  
 I love that everything Carmella draws is his her bunny/lovey, Olivia. 
 And Samuel's Hercule Poirot egg was a work of art.
We are always trying new ways to decorate Easter eggs.  This year we messed around with washi tape a lot.  This is a great way for little two year olds to decorate eggs.  Far less messy than cups  of dye splashing everywhere.  
We also used a new method for the centerpieces using rit dye and metallic paint.

All in all we decorated 10 dozen eggs. 

 But you might be surprised its not so very many.  We took a bunch to the fellowship breakfast.  And we ate a bunch.  And our guests had fun digging through the jars to fill a carton to take home with them.

Now we will enjoy some of our favorite lunches this week, hard boiled egg sandwiches, deviled eggs, and egg salad.

How do you decorate Easter eggs? Are you a one dozen or a ten dozen egg kind of family?  How do you use the colored eggs after Easter?

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