May 10, 2014

Just a Week

Addison's makes life busier than the other 10 members of our family put together.  Don't ask me how that can be.  But there you have it.  Well, I guess I know how it is.  Doctor appointments, therapy appointments, researching,  and of course feeding and therapy and all the other things you do every day for a 1 year old.  This week was an odd week where we only had one therapy appointment and no doctor appointments.  It was really nice to have less to do for a change and just focus on the "normal" parts of family life.  The funny thing is, as I was revisiting this week in photographs, I realized how very much we still did... and that doesn't even look at all the things we didn't photograph,  like two dates for tea with the little girls, 6 hair cuts, Allen traveling 2 days, errand day, grocery shopping, a visit to the music store to fix a trumpet, music lessons, school, instrument and piano practices and a visit with an old high school friend I crossed paths with.
So here it is a brief Wachter update.  Addison was sick on his birthday and had no interest in presents.  Monday, when he was feeling better, Carmella was more than happy to help him open the car she got for him.
My little girls love when I give them heart honey on their yogurt for breakfast.
Allen and I came home from our date to this.  We heard it before we saw it... all the kids sitting in front of the computer singing "Let It Go" at the top of their lungs. 
We read Isaiah, Jeremiah, Lamentations, and started the book of Ezekiel in family devotions.
The boys began selling their eggs and had four new customers
Carmella helped Allen mow the grass
And he found a way to store the princess shoes which kept falling off her feet.  And no they do not match.  She never worries about little details such as having two shoes that match.
We had a fabulous birthday party
Aunt Dawn visited and Henry had a great therapy session with her
We had some great garden time which included getting the boxes ready for planting, putting in tomatoes and peppers, moving some plants, and replacing the herbs damaged by the power line project last fall.
Addison fell in love with this drum one of our friends brought for his birthday
We ate a lot of Mexican food for Cinco De Mayo
Addison cried through his entire therapy session with Miss Trudy
And then there were the balloons
Elisabeth lost her first tooth.  How cute is she?
The temperature reached 90 degrees and we spent a beautiful afternoon at the playground
And some rest time in the hammock
So go on and chuckle, that was my quiet week.  Now it's your turn.  What was the best part of your week?


  1. The best part of my week was coming home from the hospital. :)

  2. Sounds like a lovely week! I love Carmella and her shoes. Arabella's always match, but she usually puts them on the wrong feet. :o) Wish I could buy eggs from your boys! Good for them. Oh, and the best part of my week was Sam coming home from the mine where he is working until our new baby arrives!