May 16, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a marvelous Mother's Day weekend.  Friday and Saturday we had significant rain but we were still able to get in some gardening Saturday morning.  
 Addison finally opened the last of his birthday gifts. 
While running errands last week, I ran into one of my best friends from high school.  She spent the day with us on Saturday.  She is also the mom to a child with special needs.  She wasn't here 15 minutes before she was on the floor doing therapy with Addison. 
Elisabeth and Carmella made a Lemon-Lime Cake for Mother's Day
Many years ago Kaitlin had a porcelain doll from her grandparents in need of repair.  We came across a wonderful lady in Colorado who not only did that repair but has done a number of other dolls fix-ups for us over the years.

Last Christmas I was looking for a doll with Down Syndrome features for Carmella.  They were hard to find and the ones I came across were simply dreadful.  Their faces looked like the faces of people pictured in old medical books.  You know the ones that used words like "Mongoloid" to describe people with Down Syndrome.  Anyway, I was sorely disappointed and bought Carmella an American Girl Doll instead. 

For Mother's Day, Kaitlin contacted Sue out in Colorado and asked her to make a doll to look like Addison.  Sue puts all her love into everything she does.  In a letter that arrived with "Henry" she shared that she does not feel he has reached what she was going for so she will be making another doll to more closely resemble our guy.  However, she sent this fellow dressed to match Henry's 6 month photos so Kaitlin would have him in time for Mother's Day. 

I am not sharing close up photos because I want to share what Sue is really happy with.  However, I will say this doll is simply gorgeous.  And his feet are just like Addison's.  I couldn't let a Mother's Day post go by without mentioning something so beautiful as the thought behind Kaitlin's gift.  Nor the love of another Christian in trying to capture something so beautiful as our Henry.  In  thinking about it now, I am wondering if perhaps the reason no one seems to be able to capture the fine details of someone with Down Syndrome in a doll is because it is so wonderful and so perfect only God himself can capture it in those special people he has chosen. 

At any rate, Carmella LOVES this doll.  He is quite large, almost the size of Henry now.  Carmella will not pick him up on her own.  She really treats him as she does Henry.  But she loves to ask us to set him on her lap to hold.  He is made of porcelain so she always puts a pillow between his feet when she holds him so his feet won't break.  She also loves the bunny Sue sent with Henry. 
The weather on Mother's Day was just about as perfect as any day could be.  We had a special worship service with special songs and children sharing about their mothers.  After we made and shared lunch together at home, we spent the remainder of the day outdoors... up the tree... in the hammock... in the woods...
In the evening we got caught up working in the gardens for a few hours. 
Carmella brought out Charlotte's Web and sat "reading" it for most of the time we were working.  As did all my kids before her, she loves to read anything and everything.  I think it is so funny she will flip through chapter books with no pictures for hours on end.   
Elisabeth thinks gardening is a spectator sport.
The fellows managed to talk their buddy into helping them haul all the mulch.  They must have had fun because they asked when I was getting mulch for the rest of the gardens.
After a day of gardening... we aren't the tidiest crew... but I can think of few happier moments then when I am surrounded by those who made me a mama to begin with. 
We wrapped the day up with a cook out, served indoors.  By the time we realized how late we had worked, it was too dark to eat outside. 

I am always amazed at the thoughtfulness and creativity of my children when choosing gifts.  Aedan gave me a gardening cushion for kneeling on when we work in the flowerbeds together.   Nathaniel found a new hummingbird feeder for the deck and made a month's supply of hummingbird food.  Brianna had pencils engraved with beautiful quotes.  Emma found a Willow Tree of a mama and baby who looks just like Aedan when he was an infant.  Ellie found a bird feeder to hang outside the window where I sit for family devotions each morning.  And Samuel made coupons which included great things like bringing me coffee in the morning and vacuuming the van.

The best gift of all though was making it just my kind of day.  Piddling about with the ones I love.  Who could ask for more?


  1. Do you hire out your kiddos? I have a yard in need of attention, and pay in maple syrup and polar bears. :)

  2. Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day. Your family is beautiful inside and out.
    Hope you all are doing well.