May 8, 2014


Every year on May 7th we head to the party store where everyone chooses a balloon.  The lady behind the counter questions why we choose such an odd mix and reminds us the latex balloons are good for just 8 hours.  We nod, because we know this and where they are going it doesn't matter how long they last.
 These balloons are not for hanging on to, they are for remembering.
 Remembering that even our greatest sorrows have joy within them
 and that one from among us
 has gone on before us.  They remind us we have a great hope waiting. 
 It is a time to remember what was, what wasn't and what is to come.

Pa was out of town on business and we weren't sure he would be back in time to join us.  We waited as long as we could.  And then at the last minute his car pulled up at the curb. 
 A moment of confusion while everyone finds their own balloon
 When the wind grabs a balloon it is a certainty that you will never get it back again.  So you hold on with all your might and you never take your eyes off of it.   But sometimes in life we have no choice but to let go and allow the balloon to go where it will. 
 And if that balloon is very dear to your heart, you let it go while praying with all your might for God to guide it and protect it until it lands where it should be.
 And when you are at last brave enough to release it, you may see a beautiful and graceful dance that lasts for such a very brief time but leaves a print on your heart forever. 
 As we watched our balloons all stayed together, dancing and swirling in the sky, heading in the direction of our home across town.
 Had we never let go we wouldn't have had the pleasure of seeing such a beautiful sight.
 Most lives have to face loss at some point.  Some more than others.  When I look back at my life, sometimes I feel as if there is so much loss and so many opportunities for sadness.  As a general rule, I don't like to reflect on those things.  They are too sad.  They hurt too much.  And there is nothing to gain from those emotions.  But this moment of remembrance is something I don't ever want to miss because in remembering what has been lost, we have a greater capacity to appreciate what we have.
No one can be uncheered with a balloon  ~Winnie the Pooh


  1. Aw Kat.
    What a beautiful post. And what a beautiful way to remember your little one that has gone before...
    Blessing my dear friend and wishing you a VERY HAPPY Mother's Day.