June 12, 2014

Samuel's 9th Birthday

Yesterday Samuel turned 9!  We often say we should have known how high energy and adventurous Samuel was when he made his entrance into the world.  He was so impatient that five minutes after I arrived at the hospital the nurse delivered him.  That about sums up life with our fellow.  He just rushes ahead into whatever adventure he can find.  He rarely takes time to stop and think about the dangers ahead. 
This Baby Blues comic is so much like my Samuel.  I rarely laugh out loud at a comic strip but this one had me laughing for five full minutes.  It's just that much like our adventurer.  In fact, we have had a friend visiting in Maryland for the last few months.  I am told by his Auntie when he was a little boy he was just like Sammy.  Being away from his family so long, he often spends Sunday afternoons with us.  He and Samuel have a little competition going to see who can wear the other out first.  I mean these two really go at it until Allen and I are exhausted just watching them.  On Monday mornings Samuel practically has to be dragged out of bed.  And my friend, Jotham's aunt, tells me he doesn't make his way down to breakfast much before nine.  So I am guessing it is pretty much a wash.  But anyway, perhaps that will give you a picture of why this made me think of my young man. 

So Sam's personality is such a lesson in contradictions.  On one hand he is this crazy adventurer but on the other he is such a tender nurturer.  He can not walk through a room where Addison is without dropping to the floor and making faces at him or giving him a kiss.  And although he's likely to crack his own head open jumping off the roof one day, he is always the protector for his younger sisters, keeping them from harm and reminding them how to live as proper young ladies.  Sammy likes to dream about owning a Barracuda one day, (he's been saving quarters in a jar since he was about 4) but he doesn't have to think twice before giving his last quarter to someone in need.  Which is why his jar is still mostly empty.  Samuel is easily distracted from his school or chores but if you can get his mind off of inventing or an expedition long enough he will amaze you at his attention to detail diligence and amazing knowledge and wisdom.  While he is all rough and tough, he is also extremely creative.  Anyone who has seen some of his inventions or his beautiful art work can attest to this fact.  He loves the book of Proverbs and Tom Swift stories just the same. 

I love his joy for life, his black and white view of the world, his incredible enthusiasm for everything, his freckles and his great big hugs.  Sam is kind to everyone he meets but he doesn't necessarily form many friendships.  When he does call you friend, his loyalty is unwavering.

Samuel loves cars, boats and planes.  He is a master of paper airplanes and can build a boat out of just about anything.  To celebrate his birthday we spent the day at the Air and Space Museum at Dulles airport. 
We haven't been there for a few years so it was all new to him.         

I tried to talk him into the Dday movie at the Imax but Sam was happy to see some of his favorite planes up close and personal. 

And to check out the Cessna with Addison
We had planned on seeing a baseball game in the evening but everyone was kind of worn out and bad storms were coming through our area.  We postponed the idea and picked up Pho instead.   I attempted to teach the kids a game we used to play when I was a kid.  Which by that time everyone was delirious and a little high on sugar from the cake.

And speaking of cake... Brianna spent a few good hours on Tuesday making this amazing Hershey Chocolate race track cake. 
When we woke up Wednesday morning we found there had been a land slide.
Which for Sam just added to the excitement.  Especially when I pointed out it is not often you can grab a fork and take bites of your birthday cake without anyone noticing. 
Happy birthday to the boy who keeps the adventure alive for us every single day.  May you never lose that joie de vivre!


  1. Happy Birthday to Samuel! We love him and his enthusiasm for life! He is so much fun to be around.

  2. Happy Birthday Sam! We are so thankful for ALL your love and energy :) Brandon loves any chance he gets to "be a little boy again" when playing with your boys!

  3. Awesome birthday it looks like. Happy Birthday to Samuel (late).
    Kat, have you read "Raising Real Men" by Hal and Melanie Young? When I started reading it, I thought "Have they been spying on us?!" It's a great book and describes boys so well. When I read how you described Samuel I thought of the stuff they wrote. He sounds like a great boy...and ALL boy! :)