July 3, 2014


July 2nd was Carmella's third birthday.  As often seems to be the case in this growing up business, I can't believe she has been with us just three years.  And all at the same time I wonder how three years could go by so fast.  I, we all in fact, adore this little girl.  She makes us laugh all the time.  She truly is so smart it blows my mind.  And when she is naughty, she is so cute.  We really have to work to not laugh when she gets in a stubborn mood.  
Her greatest challenge has been overcoming her "shyness" which we know is really just her way of trying to exert her will.  But we see her making progress in this area.  A firm position and some Swedish fish go an awful long way.   
Carmella loves to read, host tea parties, swing, swim and do anything creative.  She loves chap stick, high heels and wearing her hair down.  She dances like only a little princess can and sings at the top of her lungs.  She adores Elsa and Beast.  Her brothers and sisters are her idols.  Carmella will follow her siblings around copying whatever they are doing.  Her smile is contagious and her laugh is the most delightful sound in the world.  Her honesty and inquisitiveness are close seconds.
Her birthday was very hot and very humid.  Although, not as hot and humid as the miraculous day she was born.  What we here in Maryland call typical July weather.  Just the same we decided to go pick sweet cherries at an orchard up in the Catoctin Mountains.
 And then we took a breakfast picnic to a nearby park which has the most amazing giant slide.  I remember riding this slide when I was just slightly older than Carmella.  That made it doubly fun to share with my kids.  The girls had a friend visiting for the week and Allen made the most hilarious video of them going down the slide.  Unfortunately, I was having trouble getting it uploaded from the iPhone.  (Any ideas?)  So just imagine a lot of squealing and laughing before a big old wipe out. 
Carmella loves the library.  So our next stop was to visit a library we've never been to on the north end of the county.  Where we oddly enough ran into my brother.  After reading books for a while she had fun checking out the preschool corner.
Lunch was back home and included her  very favorite chocolate cupcakes.  Because she simply could not wait until dinner.  And who are we to say no? 
 Kaitlin sewed her an Elsa dress as her gift.  And, of course, she loved it!  In fact, she loved it so much she wore it to bed.  And again the next day.  And finally by the day after that we had to sneak it away to the laundry. 
The verse I claimed for Carmella when she was born is "Keep my commandments, and live; keep my law as the apple of thine eye."  Proverbs 7:2  I think this verse is even more applicable as she enters a new year where she is now able to choose obedience for herself. 
Many Happy Returns of the Little Princess Birthday! 

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