September 30, 2014

At Last

Tuesday morning as I watched the dawn I saw a ray of sun peak in the window.  I wasted no time dragging everyone out of bed and to the beach... Pajamas were optional.  

Until the sun got higher in the sky it was too cool for water sports.  That didn't keep them from finding lots of ways to enjoy the beautiful morning on the beach. 

Samuel had a blast giving the girls wagon rides up and down the shoreline.

All the kids are completely obsessed with word puzzles right now.  I will leave it up to you to decide who the brains is behind this crossword.

Nathaniel taught Carmella about casting.  When she came back to sit with us we asked if she caught anything.  She went on to tell us about her pink fish, whose description was remarkably like her lure.

See what I mean about those puzzle books?

Once the sun got up there were dips in the ocean and sandcastles
Addison loves the beach, the sand, the water...

Elisabeth is excited to be able to boogie board on her own this year

And creepy as this is Elisabeth asked Emma to bury her in the sand.  The way Ellie moves I am thinking this may be a good naptime strategy.

September 29, 2014

And It Poured

Monday dawned overcast with flash floods in the forecast.  The kids got an early bike ride in before the storms started.

The rest of the day was passed playing foosball on this tabletop game Aedan found at the thrift store.

And cars

I lost more hands of rummy than I can count

And coloring... Because you are never too old for a new coloring book and crayolas.

September 28, 2014

At the Chapel

Probably our favorite thing about coming to the same place year after year is reconnecting with our brethren at the chapel.   Service on Sunday was even more precious than other years because it was the first time in many months when we've been able to take Addison into public to worship live and in person.

After church and lunch the sun actually came out.  We took the opportunity for some beach time.  When we got there we had a  big suprise.

Saturday evening, when I went out for my run, I left my shoes on the boardwalk, just as I have done for more than ten years.   When I came back an hour later my shoes were gone.  Besides the fact that I had to walk home in the dark barefoot, I was bugged because I couldn't figure out what kind of person would steal someone's shoes.  

There are very few brands of shoes that don't cause my feet excruciating pain so it's not like I was going to be able to just wander into a local beach shop and find a replacement, either.  Which just added insult to injury.

In the morning one of the girls ran out to the beach to look again, just in case we had missed them in the dark the night before.  No such luck.  

So you can imagine my suprise when we wandered onto the beach Sunday afternoon and found my shoes sitting right there a few yards from where I had left them.

The boys were happy to spend a few hours trying to catch crabs hiding in the jetty.

Carmella and Ellie love the tide pools on this part of the beach.
With another kite in hand, Allen taught Carmella how to fly it.

For a number of years now the Chapel has hosted a cake bake off on the last Sunday evening in September.  Every year the kids win a number of places.  We had not planned on entering this year since we have no baking equipment in the house we rented.  But everyone at church remembered the kids baking previous years and asked what they were bringing.  In the end they entered Outrageous Chocolate Cookies and Nathaniel took first place.
Unfortunately, all the excitement wore Addison out and he had his first seizure in five days on the way to church Sunday evening.  We will be better about maintaining that nap schedule.  Brianna wasn't ashamed to take advantage of the opportunity for some extra snuggles, though.

September 27, 2014

On the Creek With Friends

Still overcast and on the cooler side, Saturday was not a good day for the beach.  We did enjoy spending the afternoon visiting with friends on the creek.
Captain Sonny and Addison had some guy time.

And there was a lot of kayaking

And of course lunch on the grill
Coming back here each year is like coming home to family and no trip would be complete without some time gabbing on the dock.
In other news, I was disappointed when I finished my sunset run only to discover my shoes had been stolen from where I had left them.

In really good news, after a bad run of seizures when we first arrived, Addison is starting his fifth day without a seizure!

September 26, 2014

We Went to the Beach Anyway

Friday was cool and overcast but it wasn't raining.  So we went to the beach anyway.
And there was a massive sandcastle

And picture taking


And it rained

But they didn't care.  So they flew the kite.  But it got away.

So then there was football

After naps we went back for our run.  And there was a wedding.  And even on a cold and rainy day you have to be happy for this young couple with red rose petals sprinkled down the beach.

The kids decided to try for the water.  By the time we got back from our run they were blue and shivering.  But somehow they didn't seem to mind.

That's how the beach is.  No matter what happens, you only seem to notice the good parts.

September 25, 2014

Still Raining

We spent the morning at the SCAD

where the kids discussed the finer points of medium, material, and subject.  

We interpreted a room full of chairs.  Addison loved the modern pieces full of bright colors by Carrie Moyer.

Elisabeth and Carmella were taken by the piece incorporating hot pink laser lights.  

Halcyon Fracture by Li Hui

And we all agreed Local photographer, Jack Leigh's work of the low country trumped the exhibit.

There were milkshakes

And card games

And then the children spent the evening exploring their artistic abilities by recreating their interpretations of the various artists we saw at the museum.

Yes, it is still raining.

September 24, 2014

Another Rainy Day

Fortunately, one of our favorite things to do on vacation is nothing.  We've been doing a lot of nothing while Elisabeth recovers and it continues to rain.  

The kids are enjoying lots of time to work on their music practice.

And in between rain there are bike rides.  Yesterday, Addison fell asleep in his wagon when we took him on a five mile ride.  Doesn't he look like a little rajah with all his pillows and blankets?

Allen is determined to have Addison pulling up to standing again before we come home.  

And I've gotten in a few sunset/moonlit runs on the beach.  Last night after dinner I said I was going for a run.  Carmella piped up and said she wanted to go for a run, too.  Which essentially means she puts on her pink Minnie Mouse running suit and gets comfy in the jogging buggy while Allen and I run.  I told her we didn't bring her jogging buggy and she said "Oh, bother!"  And then, "I will just have to run without my buggy."  Then she took off to put on her running clothes .  Which ended in tears because imagine we didn't pack her running clothes.   She did pretty good for her age and size.  She managed to go .25 miles at a pace of 17 min/mile (which is roughly a stroll) before she decided she and Emma would wait for us.
Today is just another rainy day at the beach.  I wonder what's in store.

September 23, 2014

A Rainy Day At the Beach

How do you pass a rainy day at the beach?  Lots of reading and puzzle books.  Okay, and coffee.
Elisabeth's allergy attack developed into a nasty asthma attack which ended up with us finding a doctor a few Islands over.  (With the right meds she is feeling much better today.)

And Addison, days shy of 18 months, got his first tooth.  When he was a newborn his geneticist warned us his teeth would come in late and crazy.  We were excited this first tooth is the front lower center, just where it should be.

Some biking between rainstorms and a moonlit run on the beach rounded out the day.

As much fun as it is, we are still hoping the sun will come out tomorrow???

September 22, 2014

A Rocky Beginning

Day 1 of vacation was rough.  The trip was great.  But when we arrived at our house we immediately realized there was mildew.  Within an hour our allergy and asthma sufferers were ill.  I cried.  Yes, I did.

 The manager agreed to refund us but we were left to figure out where to stay on a Sunday night.  We had no choice but to stay there for the night.

Day 2 was crazy as Allen was working and I tried to comfort sick kids while a local property owner worked frantically to rearrange guests and houses to make a place for our gang.  Which was such an answer to prayer.  She let us hang out in one of her empty condos while she made calls.  In the end, she sent her maintenance man to put together an additional bedroom in another unit so we would have a place to stay the second night while she continued working on getting a house available.  

In all that, I did get to spend a few minutes on the beach with a few of the kids, take a bike ride with Elisabeth and go for a run.
The kids found nearly a hundred of these critters, called olives. 
Which of course we tossed back into the ocean.  

It's raining this morning but we are looking forward to better days ahead!