September 22, 2014

A Rocky Beginning

Day 1 of vacation was rough.  The trip was great.  But when we arrived at our house we immediately realized there was mildew.  Within an hour our allergy and asthma sufferers were ill.  I cried.  Yes, I did.

 The manager agreed to refund us but we were left to figure out where to stay on a Sunday night.  We had no choice but to stay there for the night.

Day 2 was crazy as Allen was working and I tried to comfort sick kids while a local property owner worked frantically to rearrange guests and houses to make a place for our gang.  Which was such an answer to prayer.  She let us hang out in one of her empty condos while she made calls.  In the end, she sent her maintenance man to put together an additional bedroom in another unit so we would have a place to stay the second night while she continued working on getting a house available.  

In all that, I did get to spend a few minutes on the beach with a few of the kids, take a bike ride with Elisabeth and go for a run.
The kids found nearly a hundred of these critters, called olives. 
Which of course we tossed back into the ocean.  

It's raining this morning but we are looking forward to better days ahead!

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