September 24, 2014

Another Rainy Day

Fortunately, one of our favorite things to do on vacation is nothing.  We've been doing a lot of nothing while Elisabeth recovers and it continues to rain.  

The kids are enjoying lots of time to work on their music practice.

And in between rain there are bike rides.  Yesterday, Addison fell asleep in his wagon when we took him on a five mile ride.  Doesn't he look like a little rajah with all his pillows and blankets?

Allen is determined to have Addison pulling up to standing again before we come home.  

And I've gotten in a few sunset/moonlit runs on the beach.  Last night after dinner I said I was going for a run.  Carmella piped up and said she wanted to go for a run, too.  Which essentially means she puts on her pink Minnie Mouse running suit and gets comfy in the jogging buggy while Allen and I run.  I told her we didn't bring her jogging buggy and she said "Oh, bother!"  And then, "I will just have to run without my buggy."  Then she took off to put on her running clothes .  Which ended in tears because imagine we didn't pack her running clothes.   She did pretty good for her age and size.  She managed to go .25 miles at a pace of 17 min/mile (which is roughly a stroll) before she decided she and Emma would wait for us.
Today is just another rainy day at the beach.  I wonder what's in store.

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