September 28, 2014

At the Chapel

Probably our favorite thing about coming to the same place year after year is reconnecting with our brethren at the chapel.   Service on Sunday was even more precious than other years because it was the first time in many months when we've been able to take Addison into public to worship live and in person.

After church and lunch the sun actually came out.  We took the opportunity for some beach time.  When we got there we had a  big suprise.

Saturday evening, when I went out for my run, I left my shoes on the boardwalk, just as I have done for more than ten years.   When I came back an hour later my shoes were gone.  Besides the fact that I had to walk home in the dark barefoot, I was bugged because I couldn't figure out what kind of person would steal someone's shoes.  

There are very few brands of shoes that don't cause my feet excruciating pain so it's not like I was going to be able to just wander into a local beach shop and find a replacement, either.  Which just added insult to injury.

In the morning one of the girls ran out to the beach to look again, just in case we had missed them in the dark the night before.  No such luck.  

So you can imagine my suprise when we wandered onto the beach Sunday afternoon and found my shoes sitting right there a few yards from where I had left them.

The boys were happy to spend a few hours trying to catch crabs hiding in the jetty.

Carmella and Ellie love the tide pools on this part of the beach.
With another kite in hand, Allen taught Carmella how to fly it.

For a number of years now the Chapel has hosted a cake bake off on the last Sunday evening in September.  Every year the kids win a number of places.  We had not planned on entering this year since we have no baking equipment in the house we rented.  But everyone at church remembered the kids baking previous years and asked what they were bringing.  In the end they entered Outrageous Chocolate Cookies and Nathaniel took first place.
Unfortunately, all the excitement wore Addison out and he had his first seizure in five days on the way to church Sunday evening.  We will be better about maintaining that nap schedule.  Brianna wasn't ashamed to take advantage of the opportunity for some extra snuggles, though.

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