September 26, 2014

We Went to the Beach Anyway

Friday was cool and overcast but it wasn't raining.  So we went to the beach anyway.
And there was a massive sandcastle

And picture taking


And it rained

But they didn't care.  So they flew the kite.  But it got away.

So then there was football

After naps we went back for our run.  And there was a wedding.  And even on a cold and rainy day you have to be happy for this young couple with red rose petals sprinkled down the beach.

The kids decided to try for the water.  By the time we got back from our run they were blue and shivering.  But somehow they didn't seem to mind.

That's how the beach is.  No matter what happens, you only seem to notice the good parts.

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  1. Oh my! A vacation of rainy beach days. Well, it still sounds like fun. :)