October 10, 2014


The last few months running (everything) has taken a back burner to getting Addison's seizures under control.  One thing we look forward to on vacation is running on the beach.  It is so different than our daily training at home.  One of my goals for this trip was to get back on my running game.  I was coming off two months of virtually no exercise or running at all and expected to be in rather bad shape.  I just asked God to help me through where He wanted me to be.  We've had some great runs since we got here and I had no pain at all.  Friday morning I reached my goal of 400 miles.   I am so thankful God loves me enough to guide my every step.
It does not matter where we go, we always attract other kids.  When I got back from my run the kids had attracted another family from Memphis who have four kids.  They spent most of the afternoon playing together.  Even Carmella, who usually hides from strangers, had a great time playing with the youngest sister, Madison.  In fact, when it was time to go home for naps. she asked if she could stay and play with her friend.  

So these two trying to surf like their big brothers was hilarious.

Kayla and Elisabeth were content building sandcastles

Nathaniel, Aedan, Samuel, Andrew and Avery spent the day on the boogie boards, skim boards, and catching critters to study.

In the evening we had a nice long bike ride.  Our family biking looks like some kind of crazy gang.  We always enjoy biking here.  We can easily log up to 20 miles at a time.  We bike for fun, to the grocery, to church and visiting various friends.  We rarely drive our car here.  We can only transport 5 bikes on our van plus the baby wagon so we usually takes turns.   Some friends of ours who live here showed up at our house a day or two after we arrived.  They had seen the kids out riding to the grocery store and knowing we didn't have enough bikes for the whole family they dropped off several bikes for us to use.  It was nice to be able to take a lot of trips together.
We ended up having dinner at 9:00 after our ride.  Isn't that the great thing about vacation?  If you decide to ride around for two hours you just don't have to worry about eating on time or getting to bed on time.  You just do it.  I love that time doesn't exist on vacation.  Anyway, just as we sat down to eat fireworks started going off on the beach... Which is way more exciting than eating.

What a great day.  What a great vacation!

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