September 30, 2014

At Last

Tuesday morning as I watched the dawn I saw a ray of sun peak in the window.  I wasted no time dragging everyone out of bed and to the beach... Pajamas were optional.  

Until the sun got higher in the sky it was too cool for water sports.  That didn't keep them from finding lots of ways to enjoy the beautiful morning on the beach. 

Samuel had a blast giving the girls wagon rides up and down the shoreline.

All the kids are completely obsessed with word puzzles right now.  I will leave it up to you to decide who the brains is behind this crossword.

Nathaniel taught Carmella about casting.  When she came back to sit with us we asked if she caught anything.  She went on to tell us about her pink fish, whose description was remarkably like her lure.

See what I mean about those puzzle books?

Once the sun got up there were dips in the ocean and sandcastles
Addison loves the beach, the sand, the water...

Elisabeth is excited to be able to boogie board on her own this year

And creepy as this is Elisabeth asked Emma to bury her in the sand.  The way Ellie moves I am thinking this may be a good naptime strategy.


  1. LOVE the happy, smiley picture of Addison! So glad y'all are at your happy place! :)

  2. Yay! Finally! We are loving our postcards :)