October 18, 2014


We are delighting in autumn, the falling leaves, the beautiful light, and the new beginnings.
We are looking forward to cutting firewood, the smell of the wood stove and candles on cool autumn evenings.  Crockpots, soups and everything made with delicious fresh baked pumpkin.
Today we went to the pumpkin farm.  And it was perfectly normal.  It was wonderfully the sort of thing we always do.  When the big girls were little the rule was they could only get a pumpkin as big as they could carry in from the field.  Samuel decided he wanted this pumpkin.  He could scarcely lift it.  It weighed in at 50 pounds.  Samuel doesn't even weigh 50 pounds.  He asked if he could bring it home even though he could only carry it a few yards.  I agreed.  We do eat a lot of pumpkin.  The big girls decided kids are too soft these days.
Do you know what I love?  I love that my big kids get as excited about the pumpkin patch as my youngers.

I love leggings and boots and chubby little hands hugging a tiny pumpkin
I love this amazing group of people

I love that God has given me another season to have three little ones on my lap
I love that everyone is so curious about what is happening that no one is paying any attention to this photo

Getting so big... this was the summer Carmella stopped being a baby and became a little girl

And as tiny as Addison seems, he isn't so very far behind Carmella

And this one is simply so big!  Yesterday she pulled out her first grade reader.  This morning she handed it back to me finished.  I guess she will be moving up to second grade. 

Oh, autumn.  What wonderful exciting things lie ahead?  The mums are full.  The leaves are red, orange and yellow.  The cider is ready.  Another wonderful season is upon us. 


  1. Love these pictures! It was so great seeing y'all and I can't wait til we can visit some more!