October 9, 2014

Beach School

Thursday morning we were out on the beach when a class from a local charter school happened by.  Samuel, who makes a friend everywhere we go, just joined right in.  At one point we looked up and there he was raising his hand to ask the teacher a question.  And then later all the kids gathered around to see the crab Samuel had caught earlier in the day.  I understand the teacher was not as impressed as we were.  Samuel was appalled by the teacher's description of crabs.  "These are very dangerous creatures.  If they pinch you with their claws you might bleed."  
Frisbee... Yeah, my girls throw like... Well, girls.  But they get a lot of exercise running after the frisbee.

Anna and Elsa's amazing castle... They call this one Louis.

So I can get a little obsessive.  There is this enormous mansion across the street from us.

A few weeks ago the gardener was working on the planters.  After he left the one on the right was turned around so you couldn't see the white design.  It has made me crazy ever since.  Last night we were coming home from the beach and I dragged Brianna over to to help me turn it around.  My husband thinks anything is photo worthy.


  1. ROFL!!! Love the planter OCD part. Too funny!!
    I would probably do something like that too.. it would drive me crazy.. Nice way to do something nice for someone :-)

  2. It would have bugged me too. :)