October 12, 2014

Borrowed Time

Midweek we started asking Allen to take one more week off so we could stay a little longer.  He reminded me Addison has three full days scheduled at CNMC next week.  I said I would reschedule.  He said he had lots going on at work that he could not reschedule.  So we packed and cleaned and made ready to leave.  As we were putting the kids to bed on our last night in preparation to leave at 4 the next morning our land lady called. The weather is so nice she said please feel free to stay longer if you would like.  Oh, man!  It's not often a perfect stranger offers you free stays in their very nice vacation home on the beach.  Alas, Allen still could not extend his time off work, but we did stay on one more day.

What do you do on borrowed time?  

You start by bribing friends back home to feed the critters one more day.  Thanks, guys!!!  Love you.

We were so happy to have one more chance to worship with our friends on Sunday morning.  Terrible picture because Allen swung his hand up to high five Henry just as I hit the button.  But it was a happy picture.
We spent the afternoon visiting with our friends from chapel.  And had one more bike ride to worship.

This is also an awful picture but I will cherish it.  We have know this man for 12 years.  He is so much like our late Pastor Louis.  We just love him and his wife so much.  Brother David is like a far away uncle to our family.  Carmella is scared of everyone.  Even people she knows well she will shy away from.  I have worked so hard to get her past this.  Pastor has just stood back and waited for her to warm up to him.  Which I did nof figure would ever happen.  Last night after service we were visiting and Allen told Carmella to shake hands with Pastor to say goodbye.  We say these things always braced for a training session.  But instead of pulling out her shy response Carmella said "I want to give him a hug."  When she ran up to Pastor and jumped into his arms for a hug a cheer went up in the church.  I'm claiming victory!  

Pastor said between that and Addison being 14, YES FORTEEN, days seizure free it must be a sign from God that we need to move down here.  Every year It gets more difficult to argue that logic as we find it harder and harder to leave.

One of our friends at church have us a cake which we paired with ice cream for dinner since we tossed all the groceries on Saturday night.  We finished Tom Swift and read another chapter of Stuart Little.    

But mostly,  we were just thankful for one more day to be together before we face the rigors of real life again.

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  1. Awww...sounds like the perfect ending to a vacation!