October 3, 2014


Allen and I had to laugh at the kids trying to figure out boxed breakfast cereal.
What other ways can you use a boogie board?

Sam invented a new sport where the kids lie on the board and hold onto the kite.  They attract a lot of attention from people walking the beach as the kite pulls them over the water.

Sand buildings
The kids had a bucket full of hermit crabs.  Someone put this truck in there.  When we were getting ready to let them go we found this guy had climbed in for a ride.

This massive sand castle has remained all week.  Everyday they refine it and add to it.  Sometimes we find other people working on it.

One of the favorite things is to make a canal down to the water and watch the moat fill up as the tide rises. The little boy near Kaitlin is John David.  He's spent most of this week hanging out with us.  We usually find two reactions when we go out in public.  First people think we are some kind of mob.  Then they ask if we are  an orphanage.  And then they just kind of become part of the group.

Friday evening we had a terrific thunderstorm.  As the sun was setting we sat down to dinner.  Out the dining room window we saw a magnificent rainbow.  We went out to the deck we realized we could see the entire rainbow.

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  1. Looks like a wonderful vacation so far! Happy for you, you all deserve it! May I ask where you are? We were in Portugal in September and the beaches are beautiful but the waves were huge, swimming was not allowed and the water was cold too. And the sand was not so fine and white. Children just love water and sand though. So glad Addison is enjoying it. Hugs.