October 8, 2014

Happy Birthday Emma

Emma loves to celebrate her birthday here.  But every year we've been here on her actual birthday it has rained.  And, in fact, this week there was only one day rain was forecasted.  And it was Wednesday.  But... As it turned out, it did not rain.  The weather was amazing all day. 

 We woke her up before the sun.

So we could catch the sunrise on the beach.  And what a sunrise It was.  

There was a blood moon and an eclipse both at  the same time the sun was rising.  It was breathtaking.

My boys can not help themselves!!!  As soon as they touch the sand they start building a sandcastle.

The birthday girl.  We have had 15 wonderful years with this amazing girl!

Yes, some people came in their pajamas.

Pink balloons, Olivia, and snuggles on the beach=happy Carmella

Breakfast buffet... Lox and bagels With a little sand thrown in for good measure

And then a day of beach fun

Including skim boards and sand castles.

Wednesday evenings is always dinner, prayer meeting and Bible study at the Chapel.  Meeting with the brethren here is much like being in our home church.  As soon as we walk in the door someone grabs Addison and he moves from person to person until we drag him away.
We ended a wonderful day with our very favorite Heshey's Chocolate cake.  This is the reason Carmella loves birthdays.  And I can't say I blame her.

Happy Birthday to our extraordinary girl

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  1. That cake looks so yummy!
    I've enjoyed catching up on your posts. Now on to read more. :)