October 11, 2014

How to be the most popular family on the beach

Bring 9 fun loving kids
And a jug of vinegar

The two on the left are not ours.  They are Gabriel and Alexander.  They just joined us for a family photo.  It seems no matter where we go we attract people.
And the vinegar?  Jelly fish were abundant this year.  And jelly fish stings go with that.  Over the years we've had enough jelly fish stings to know vinegar is the best cure.  Everyone but myself has been stung.  Which, statistically, puts me in a bad spot.  Over the last few weeks I lost track of how many times the boys ran inside to get the vinegar.  I also lost track of how many people approached us because they got a sting and saw we had vinegar.  The girls said we should set up our own first aid station.  We met some great people and had some great laughs all because of a two dollar jug of vinegar.

Just for the record... Official first aid for jelly fish stings.

1... Keep the area where you were stung under the water until it stops stinging.  You can not see the stingers but they are there.  The salt water helps remove them.  Think Epsom salt soaks for bee stings, splinters and ingrown toe nails.

2... Flush with vinegar for 30 seconds.  We just pour some on and let it sit a minute.  Then pour some more on and wait another minute.  And repeat one more time.

3... Spray with first aid spray like lidocaine as needed.  

4... In a day or two it will swell up again and itch like crazy.  Use lidocaine and hydrocortisone topically and Benadryl by mouth to relieve the itching.

So, if you lack 9 kids and you want a great party at the beach don't forget your vinegar.

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