October 4, 2014

LDSS Buddy Walk

This morning we headed to Forsythe Park

For the Low Country Down Syndrome Society Buddy Walk
But we got stuck in a parade and sat at this intersection for 40 minutes of the longest and dullest parade in the world.

When we ended up getting there, 15 minutes late, they had closed registration.  When we explained about the parade and being from Maryland they let us sign up anyway.  According to the website there were 4000 people present.  

Addison stayed awake for like 5 minutes.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day for a walk through the park.  

We enjoyed the cypress trees covered in Spanish moss.  It's been about ten years since we've visited the park so it was nice to have a reason to go.

And it is always a good day to be together doing something we care about.

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