October 11, 2014

The Ferris Wheel

There was a festival on the beach this weekend.  With it came the Ferris wheel. 

 The trucks rolled in on Monday.  All the action was around the corner from our house so we saw it every time we went out to the beach.

Carmella watched with fascination as it was assembled throughout the week.  

And then she waited so patiently for it to turn on so she could have a ride.  

I hate heights.  I hate the Ferris wheel.  But she was so excited I was praying and gearing up to go with her all week.  
Finally Saturday morning it was spinning.  

When we got there it turned out to be $150 for our family to take a 2 minute ride (yes, Brianna timed it) on the Ferris wheel.  So Allen ended up just taking the youngers who could ride for $5 instead of having to pay the $15 entry fee and the $5 Ferris wheel fee.  As scared as I was to ride the thing, I was so disappointed to miss out on Carmella's experience.  But she thought it was delightful.

In fact, Sunday night when they were disassembling the wheel she was so upset trying to understand why? and where would it go? And would it be back next year?

Even our greatest fears seem like amazing adventures when we experience them with a three year old.

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  1. Oh, I hate ferris wheels too. There is a huge one in Pigeon Forge now - the latest attraction - and I've been on it once. I faked it for the kids, but I'm good - once is enough for me. :)