October 1, 2014


The beach is so good for this guy.

He is so happy and playful from when we go out at sunrise until mid afternoon when I'm ready for a good long nap.

He stays stimulated and engaged but never overwhelmed the entire day.

Once in a while he will take a short nap.
But then he is up and playing again.  We even manage to sneak in lots of therapy.  

In the late afternoon when we head inside for showers and naps the other kids are asleep within minutes but Addison is happy to sit on the floor playing with his books and toys for another 30 minutes while I help the little girls shower and have my own shower.   Usually when we are out doing anything for any length of time Addison gets overwhelmed and just zones out.  The day following an outing or church he is usually exhausted and sleeps a good part of the day.  Not so here.  After beach time he seems refreshed and eager to go more.
I think we may need to move here permanently.  

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