November 4, 2014

Fall Styling

It is something like 80 degrees here today so it kind of feels like summer.  But with red, gold and orange leaves covering the ground it sure looks like autumn.  Other signs of a great season?  The magazine covers.
 And my annual dish of candy corn and pumpkins on the coffee table.  What exactly makes these things taste so delicious?
 A basket of apples
And a seasonal porch display
 Complete with mums
And an array of pumpkins.  Gee, wondering who made these ones?  Yes, Carmella and Elisabeth.
 I love seeing all the kids varying personalities come out in their different talents and interests.  Nathaniel's love for his peanuts and music
 Aedan's argyle
 Brianna's candy corn
 Emma is all into chevron anything this year
 Samuel's completely randomness of color
 I'm sure this is just what Addison wanted
 And Kaitlin's owl, of course... so glad it wasn't a hedge hog.

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall... F. Scott Fitzgerald


  1. What's a Maryland gal doing with an issue of "Yankee" Magazine? :)

    Just kidding. Thanks for sharing your wonderful self and images.


    1. Oh, gee! You don't know the half of it! In the stack you will also find the latest issue of Southern Living. Living in the mid Atlantic these days is so indecisive. The south calls us southerners and the north calls us Yankees. Lol. We just choose to embrace the best of both world... Grits and blue crabs.

  2. I love all the creativity that went into these pumpkins! So beautiful! Happy Fall, we love you guys!