November 22, 2014


October has come and gone and November is more than half done.  Yet, I would count myself remiss if I didn't post some fall happenings before Thanksgiving arrives and with it the change of seasons and Christmas holiday.  After the local radio station starts playing Christmas music Autumn quickly becomes a thing of the past and all we love about it fades into the background until next October. 
You can tell the season by the coffee we are brewing up.  Autumn is all about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Caramel Macchiato.
After months of waiting Samuel was delighted to harvest his Moon and Stars Watermelon.
 With Prednisone a thing of the past, Addison is back in full scale therapy three hours a day.  Carmella makes certain every doll in the house has mouth therapy right alongside of him.
 And speaking of dolls... I love listening to these two play dolls.  There are moments I look at them and think... my life is so PINK!
 On Wednesdays the big kids spend several hours at music lessons and band practice.  This leaves me and my youngers to have some special time together.  It always involves a tea party.  Elisabeth and Carmella like to make up the tray and serve.  Addison gets his very own (yes pink) cup.
 On one particularly rainy Wednesday we made popcorn and watched a video.  I think Carmella must have taken this picture because she was the only other one there who isn't in the photo. 
For the last four years, we have taken a day trip to Lancaster to the Sight and Sound theater.  It has become something we really look forward to.  This year Moses was playing.  Every time we see a show we say, "That's my favorite." 
 This was no exception.  A wonderful depiction of the Bible.  I love how the writers show how Christ present in each part of the Bible.
 Well, just because.  Addison looked like a big boy sitting in his high chair when we stopped for dinner on the way home.
 October brought the first day of school.  Some of my kiddos retrieved the only apple the chickens didn't eat off our tree to bless me on our first day of school. 
 With the fall, comes the close of the pool season and the return of Friday night pizza and video.  No one makes better pizza than my girls.  We have been experimenting with pumpkin pizza this fall.  Don't knock it until you've tried it.  We are hooked.
 The kids hatched a couple dozen chicks this summer.  They named them all after Kings and Queens of England.  To simplify it for me the black ones are all George and the white ones are Mary, Elizabeth and Anne Gloria.  We had one that was different from all the others and turned out to be a rooster.  He is King Henry.  Allen doesn't want a rooster so Henry has gone to live with a friend of ours. 

And speaking of chickens... the boys continue to work on their chicken coop and tractor shed.  They have worked so hard all summer and fall.  Allen is there with them but he is more directing so the boys can add to the skills they've been building all these years.  It is his hope that (should we ever get settled with a contractor) they will be able to do a lot of work on the house during the renovation and addition project.  

In this project they have learned framing, installed windows, done roofing, siding and mixed and poured concrete.  Now it is a race against the weather before snow sets in and puts the project on hold until next spring. 

And speaking of weather, we have had a year of crazy weather and this fall has been no exception.  Last Tuesday it was nearly 80 degrees.  We had a picnic for lunch.  Two days later we saw a day of freezing rain and snow flurries that never got above freezing.  With the leaves off the trees and the wood stove going full tilt and we are looking forward to some snow.  Although, I hear it is predicted to be in the 70s on Monday. 

What about you?  Are you missing summer, enjoying Autumn or looking forward to winter arriving soon?

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