November 25, 2014

Pumpkin Outfits

I love finding special seasonal outfits for my youngers.  I fell in love with these when I saw them.  We took the girls outside for a photo shoot on one of our amazing autumn days... like a month ago.  But I never have had time to actually upload them.  The girls have since moved on to their turkey outfits (and actually Elisabeth was wearing her Christmas outfit today).  I want to get these up before the Christmas decorations go up next week. 
These two girls are so very precious.  They used to look like opposites with Elisabeth being all about blond and fair skin and Carmella being brunette and olive skin.  This last year Elisabeth has gotten so much darker and Carmella has lightened up.  The result is they look a lot more alike these days.    
 Their personalities are still very different, though.  Elisabeth is the MOST outgoing and chatty person.  Carmella is so shy and reserved.  We have been working with our Winnie girl for so long to get her over that bad attitude.  We have had a breakthrough in recent months and it is so rewarding to see her cheerfully greeting people.  She cracked us up the other day.  Every time Addison's therapists come we ask Carmella to say hello to them.  And this has been a big problem for our girl.  But the last few times Addison's physical therapist has come Carmella said hello and had a little conversation with Miss Trudy.   Which, Miss Trudy almost fainted.  Last week when Miss Trudy came Carmella said, "I am going to say hello to Miss Trudy today."  We praised her for being so proactive.  Later she asked, "Why don't big girls have to say hi?" 
 These two girls are so inseparable.  I love to see them together.  If Ellie says something, Carmella will say the same exact thing the same exact way right after.  And whatever Elisabeth is doing, Carmella will do.  Now that Ellie is in school, Carmella must do school.  And if she isn't doing school she is asking if Elisabeth can play with her instead of doing school work.  Carmella wants to be with Elisabeth so much she hasn't even slept in her own bed for more than a year because she always wants to sleep in Elisabeth's room. 
 In other news, we had a beautiful fall with many great outdoor days and all the beauty of autumn colors on the East coast.  A big wind the other day took the last of the leaves off the trees. 

The weather continues to be crazy.  Yesterday, we stacked a load of firewood, while working on our Thanksgiving preparations.  That is nothing to speak of.  Except, we had to put a sun hat on the baby and we wore short sleeves and bare feet because it was almost 80 degrees.  The local radio station was playing Christmas music.  It is an odd day that we prep turkey while the kids play in the yard and a spring like breeze blows through the house.  I imagine that must be what it is like living in California.  I don't think I would like to do that regularly.  

Oh, and I almost forgot.  When we were done with that stack of firewood the boys cut back the sledding hill.  That's right, our first snow is due to arrive tomorrow with the sunrise.  Go figure.
What about you?  How are your Thanksgiving preparations coming?  Are your plans being rearranged by an early snow fall? 

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