November 26, 2014

Snowmen and Warm Hearts In the Kitchen

As promised we had our first snow day today.  Thanksgiving preparations had to be put on hold for snowman building. 
 Samuel built Walle.
 And Aedan's Fashionista

 Our own little snowman
 Time out to shovel the neighbor's drive
And then we warmed up in the kitchen while we prepared dishes for our party tomorrow.  25 guests equal 2 turkeys.
 Pies... pies and more pies.  All in all we have 4 pies and a pumpkin cheesecake.
 Nathaniel's cherry pie is my all time favorite... just the right tart and sweet with a touch of almond.
 Aedan learned how to make stuffed mushrooms this year.
 Emma's Rosemary Pear pie with cheese crust and Samuel's green bean casserole
 Carmella helped with a new recipe I am looking forward to tasting.  Anyone been trying out Harissa this fall?
Once everyone was warm and toasty and the sledding hill had sufficient time to ice over, it was back outdoors to hit the hill. 
Carmella built Olaf, of course.  A very tiny Olaf.  Emma decided Disney should have thought twice before giving a snowman legs because she says it is impossible to get a snowman to balance a snowman on two little snowballs. 

Are you cooking tonight?  Sledding?  Out of town visiting family? How are you unwinding and getting ready for a weekend of celebrating?


  1. So, even though we enjoyed a beautiful, sunny and 70 degree weather Thanksgiving Day in Florida, I think I might be crazy because I was actually a little sad that we were missing out on the first snow. :) I never thought I would say that, but it's true. We are anxiously waiting for our first snow!
    Looks like a lot of yummy food and such cute pictures of the kids.

  2. We had a nice Thanksgiving with Mason's cousin in Chattanooga. It's so nice to have family a couple of hours away since my mom moved back to Texas. We plan to spend Christmas Eve there too. My mom will come up the week before Christmas so in essence we'll have two Christmases. :) We had a traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey and all the trimmings. In recent years we varied from the traditional...we've grilled hamburgers, had pizza, and other things. Anyway, it was fun. :)