April 21, 2015

Happy 12th Birthday, Aedan

April 18th our Aedan boy turned 12.  Last year things got so crazy I never posted his birthday pictures.  It has seriously bugged me for twelves months.  I even uploaded them and never got time to journal.  I might still do it one of these days because it annoys me so badly.  But for the time being I am going to get his birthday celebration up before some other catastrophe hits.  

Saturday dawned a day filled with sunshine and lots of warm weather.  And here on the Wachter home front it began, of course, with balloons.  Addison was enormously excited about the balloons and Aedan was thrilled that he could toss them back and forth with the baby.  This two have a special connection that is fun to watch.  From the moment Addison was born he has always reminded me of Aedan both in looks and personality.  "Aedan" (which he uses to refer to any of his brothers) was Addison's first (and one of his few) words.  Aedan loves this and even more so he loves to remind the other kids that Henry doesn't say their names.  The other boys retaliated once by referring to themselves as "Aedan" when speaking to Henry.  Which earned Aedan's rare, but sassy retort, "Get your own name!"  I just love this boy!
 Something Aedan really enjoys are his Koi pond and his plants, one of his favorite being bamboo.  The kids ran with this and worked all week planning and decorating an Asian centered birthday celebration.  They even studied Japanese characters to decorate his gifts.
 Every morning the first thing Aedan does is feed his Koi.  The girls decided it would be good for him to do it with style in his very own kimono.
 Decorations included miniature Zen gardens.  Nathaniel built rakes and bridges out of toothpicks and bamboo skewers.
 We had these lanterns in the attic  from Brianna's graduation.  Nathaniel spent several days folding origami birds and a pagoda.
The day began with some favorite Asian style foods.... Jasmine rice, mango, tea, and tamagoyaki.  I wish we had a photo of Carmella using chopsticks to eat mango.  That sure is slippery stuff!
 And then we took a field trip to Lily Pons so Aedan could choose a new plant for his pond.
Trying to keep Addison on a feeding schedule we very rarely get an opportunity to all go anywhere together these days.  So this was not just fun for Aedan but an encouraging hour for all of us.  The weather was 82 and sunny.  Much different from the 40's and rain the day Aedan entered this world.
 The youngers had fun watching the tadpoles, studying the Koi and checking out the snails.

Aedan and I enjoyed studying various plants.  He had room for only one or two new plants and had a very hard time trying to choose just two.  He did finally narrow it down to a Floating Heart and a Pickerelrush.

For lunch the girls served sushi, egg rolls, wonton soup, and fried wantons with all the trimmings.
 Dessert was a hazelnut cake.  This is probably our very favorite cake after Hershey's chocolate cake.  I love the kites Brianna and Emma made for the top.
 And I love this boy.  He is such a vital part of our family.  His laughter and smile just fill you with joy.  His spiritual insight and wisdom are far beyond his years.  And yet he maintains the beautiful simplicity and innocence of a child.  I think he is exactly what our Lord was trying to describe when he spoke about being like children.
In addition to his interest in gardening, botanicals and fish, Aedan loves school. It makes no difference what the subject he attacks learning with a delightful zeal.  He plays the trumpet and reads like a fiend.  This year his is reading through J Vernon McGee's Thru the Bible and the works of Charles Dickens simultaneously.  Aedan is also a good cook, artist, and likes to play the piano.  Opera is his favorite style of music and he is known to walk around the house singing in Pavarotti.  I am so grateful God chose Aedan to be part of our family.  My life is truly richer because I have known him.  I enjoy watching as the Lord grows and transforms him into the man he is to be.

We spent the afternoon and evening working to clean the winter out of the pond and installing Aedan's new plants.  One of the things I find annoying is I never have my camera with me these days.  I didn't get one picture of this dude in the pond up to his waste pulling out algae.  And it was a funny sight.  But you will have to take my word on it.

Bottom line is it was a beautiful day and a beautiful celebration for our beautiful boy.
"Thou hast put gladness in my heart, more than in the time that their corn and their wine increased."  Psalm 4:7


  1. WHOA. TWELVE?! Aww, little Aeden Joelie isn't so little anymore...happy birthday, big guy! I'm so glad you had a wonderful day! :)

  2. Love this theme! SO creative! And more importantly, we love sweet Aedan! Can you please tell your little kids to stop growing up though??

  3. Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration indeed! Happy Birthday Aedan! Love to all.

  4. Y'all seriously do the most creative parties! I love this!... and a very Happy Belated Birthday to Aedan!