April 5, 2015

Reflections of Redemption

Friday night our church hosted their first ever Easter Cantata.
 I have always wished there was more emphasis on Easter so I was very excited to see what would come of it. 
 Allen and the big girls helped out with acting roles
 And all the kids took part in the orchestra.  I love seeing all our young people working so hard to develop their talents for the Lord.  And they worked so hard!  They were simultaneously working on music for the special Easter services, Cantataa and missions conference.  Their leader and teachers have done an incredible job of taking these kids from playing not even a note to really building into something neat.  Even if they sounded awful, which they do not, their enthusiasm encourages me.
 The scripture dramatization and music were both amazing.  Everyone did a great job bringing their Bible characters to the stage and emulating their personalities.  Each actor had a lot of memorization and I was very impressed at how well each did.
 Kaitlin, of course, kept busy making costumes.  Those who worked on the set did a beautiful job and I hear all the behind the scenes workers gave it their all. 
 We had a wonderful turn out from the community.
 It was beautiful way to kick off this weekend set aside to reflect on the awesome gift of Calvary and I hope it will be annual tradition.
Praying hearts were touched, changed and blessed.  He is risen, indeed!

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