April 7, 2015

Resurrection Sunday 2015

This year the week leading up to Easter and the weekend was a marathon with a few sprints thrown in. But we came to the other side with smiles on our faces so it must have been a success.   Even though our difficulties didn't go away even for the afternoon, it was a blessing to have the sunshine on our backs, good food on the table and loved ones gathered around.  We had a beautiful worship service with Brother Wayne McRay as a guest speaker, heart moving special music and the orchestra sharing some of their hard work.

The Baskets

I will never understand the purpose or meaning behind the Easter basket but it is something my mom did for us and I love to do it for my kids.  
 Carmella could not get over her good fortune at having a basket full of chocolate to eat as she pleased.
 I have discovered See's Candies makes the best sour  chewy candy there could possibly be in the whole world.  I don't know how we have loved See's for so very many years without knowing this!
 The Outfits 
As much as I love winter woolens and layers, there is something amazingly refreshing about pulling out that first spring dress on Easter morning. 

We got these dresses back in January on a super deal at Zuilly.  The girls have been so looking forward to wearing them.  Friday Carmella asked if they could wear them for the Cantata Friday night.  I simply could not squelch her enthusiasm.  She laid all her things out before naptime so they would be ready when she got up.  Then she was so excited to put her dress on, she couldn't even go to sleep at naptime.  Oh, to be three again! 
Elisabeth is getting so grown up and gets more beautiful every day
And my Henry man.  Loving that his cheeks are filling out again.  Hating that he was so exhausted he could hardly sit up.  Love that he loves his hats.  Doesn't he look like a little gangster baby?
 Love these beautiful girls who make holiday planning, party throwing and cleaning up so much more fun than when I did it all myself.  Could not imagine a get together without this trio.   We have some of our happiest times washing dishes together after the guests have gone home. 

Hate that it is so hard to get a decent picture of the most handsome boys in the world.  Love whatever Aedan is doing with his tongue.  Love that they have such great taste in clothes and aren't afraid to where pink and purple.  I hate that I didn't get a picture of Samuel with his sax in this outfit because he looked like he walked right out of an episode of Jeeves and Wooster.
The Table
We typically have 60-80 people for Easter Sunday.  This year with the holiday being so early we were not certain about the weather or if we could be outdoors.  It was very hard to limit our guest list. 
On Saturday when the weather reported 66 and sunny skies for Sunday we shifted our plans for an indoor party and set up for an outdoor party.  Woo hoo.  Sunday after church we set the tables and were putting out the centerpieces when a wicked wind started. When dishes started blowing off the tables we moved the furniture out of the sitting room and brought the party indoors. 
As it turned out by dinner time the wind had died down enough we could have eaten outside.  But we had a wonderful time either way so there you have it. 
The upside was definitely that we figured out an way to add 12 more places when we have winter parties.  I so love the way the kids table came out. 

The Egg Hunt

We always have a lot of kids for the egg hunt.  And our friend, Miss Liz, always hits the stores the day after Easter and brings us more plastic eggs and baskets.  This year the boys filled and the dads hid 395 eggs.  I don't get the egg hunt anymore than I get Easter baskets but it is something Allen's family always did and now it is something our kids, and our friends' kids look forward to.  Easter wouldn't be the same without it.
This is such an awful photo but I love it... because it actually captures all that was happening in that moment. 

These two boys have been buddies since they were little dudes.  They are SO VERY COMPETITIVE it cracks me up.  But what I love is that they would never think twice about helping each other in a pinch or partnering up to get a good egg.
Carmella LOVED Easter this year.  I have never had a kid look forward to it as she did.  For weeks she carried a basket around the house hiding and finding eggs.  She dressed her dolls in their Easter clothes and would say, "I just can't wait for Easter!"
Ellie and Ella.  These two girls are inseparable when our families visit.  They were born two weeks apart and there is the name thing.  Their personalities suit each other so perfectly.  They truly are kindred spirits.  When they were younger it never mattered where I put Ella to bed I would always find them snuggled together sound asleep in Ellie's crib and later her toddler bed.  Even as young as toddlers, as soon as they were allowed out of their seats at church they would run to each other to talk about purses, hair, dresses, shoes or princesses. 
Most kids don't take time to look in their eggs until they are relatively certain there are no more to be found but I saw all three of these sisters stop to find out what treats were in their eggs.
I bet they pinch their Christmas gifts, too.
Hmmmm.... wondering what Beka's favorite color is...
It was such a running from here to there sort of day before our guests arrived somehow we got not one photo of the buffet tables but you will have to trust me the menu was delicious.  We always do a Passover Menu and an Easter Menu.
Passover Menu
Spring Greens with Matzo
Grilled Leg of Lamb
Orzo with Feta and Parsley
Carrots Roasted with Pesto
Dinner Rolls
Chocolate Walnut Cake with Orange
Easter Menu
Layered Easter Salad
Citrus Glazed Ham
Sweet Potato Wedges with Chili Cream Sauce
Asparagus Tart
Lemon Lush

This picture makes me so happy.  All these little ones have grown up so much since we first started celebrating Easter together.  I love the way they love each other and look forward to their time together.  I love watching their relationships.  I love watching how they encourage and exhort each other.  That's how the Bible defines friendships to be.  I love watching each one grow in their relationship with the Lord. 
"Let the resurrection joy lift us from loneliness and weakness and despair to strength and beauty and happiness."  ~Floyd W. Tomkins


  1. I wanted to post this earlier but my computer wasn't cooperating! Anyway, the girls dresses (and the girls too!) are gorgeous and love your boys coordinating outfits! Looks like a lovely gathering. I am always impressed at all you accomplish even with everyone else you have going on. So nice to have you posting more again. Love and hugs.

  2. Looks like everyone had a lovely time!
    I just have to say...my grandparents had that exact same clothesline pole for years! And we used to hide eggs in it!! lol It's funny how common things happen many, many miles apart (they live in OK). One year we put an egg in and no one found it...until summer! Because we used to use real boiled eggs. :)