May 26, 2015

Colors Of The Wind

Do you have a favorite song that you crank up when you need a lift?  The runners in our family call it a power song.  The one we reach for when our legs are shot and we still have a mile to go.  "Greater" and "Praise You In the Storm" are popular ones around this neck of the woods.

Therapy and eating take up most of Addison's days.  In order to keep feeding time fun we play lots of games and do all kinds of activities.  But by far his favorite way to pass feeding time is listening to music and dancing in his high chair.  Not kidding.  All my children loved music but this kiddo responds to music in a way I have never seen another child.

He listens to classical music while he sleeps.  Teaching music while he plays and the classic Disney channel on iTunes while he eats.  Do not ask me how that last came to be.  It had something to do with his grown sisters.  But there you have it.

He is very partial to the music from Up but does not care for the soundtrack from Cars.  Which suprises me because that is exactly the sort of loud music he would typically go for.  Even more suprising is that his favorite song is "Colors of the Wind" from the movie Pocohontas.  And he is very specific in that he prefers the soundtrack version to the studio release.  Go figure.  But there you have it.  If he is dragging and he still has another half ounce to go, all we need to do is turn this song on and he sits up straighter, gets a smile on his face and starts swinging his arms around.  By the time the song ends, he's pumping through the rest of his honey bear.

When we first noticed his response to this song we were all baffled.  I mean, excpet for Kaitlin, we didn't even like the movie.  But after spending some time listening to the lyrics I got to thinking maybe our wise little man saw a little more to it at the first than we did.  This isn't so far from the way many people of the world respond to Addison and other people with lesser abilities than ourselves.  The most recent example was in an interview with an occupational therapist last month when we were told we need to "normalize" our son.

As I reflect back on many similar encounters since Addison's birth you can chalk "Colors of the Wind" up to one of those things that brings us to tears because we have walked with Addison.
You think I'm an ignorant savage 
 And you've been so many places I guess it must be so 
But still I cannot see 
If the savage one is me 
How can there be so much that you don't know? 
You don't know ... 

 You think you own whatever land you land on 
The Earth is just a dead thing you can claim 
But I know every rock and tree and creature 
Has a life, has a spirit, has a name 
 You think the only people who are people 

Are the people who look and think like you 
But if you walk the footsteps of a stranger 
You'll learn things you never knew you never knew 

 Have you ever heard the wolf cry to the blue corn moon 
Or asked the grinning bobcat why he grinned? 
Can you sing with all the voices of the mountains? 
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? 
Can you paint with all the colors of the wind? 

 Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest 
Come taste the sunsweet berries of the Earth 
Come roll in all the riches all around you 
And for once, never wonder what they're worth 

The rainstorm and the river are my brothers 
The heron and the otter are my friends
 And we are all connected to each other 
In a circle, in a hoop that never ends 

 How high will the sycamore grow? 
If you cut it down, then you'll never know 
And you'll never hear the wolf cry to the blue corn moon 
 For whether we are white or copper skinned 
We need to sing with all the voices of the mountains 
We need to paint with all the colors of the wind

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  1. A great song! He has good taste. Despite barely ever listening to secular music, my daughter's favorite artist is Bryan Adams (no joke). I keep a copy of his live album in my car specifically for times when she is crying in her carseat and I need to get her calm fast. It is comical how quickly she calms down when I turn him on!