June 26, 2015

My Favorite Running Gear

With running season in full swing I was thinking it would be fun to share my favorite gear.
1. ASICS 2000 Series
For a girl who lives in bare feet the right shoe is very important.  In my opinion these shoes can't be beat for comfort or performance.  Arthritis has left some of my toes deformed and running can take a rather hard toll.  My orthopedic specialist recommends Brooks and I have tried other brands as well but I always come back to ASICS.  They have various lines but in my opinion none offer the support and endurance for road miles as does the GT 2000.  I personally prefer the previous model to this year's newer version but whichever you choose I don't think you can go wrong in an ASICS shoe.  An added bonus:  This spring at the beach I ended up in some quick sand during my morning run.  My shoes were a mess!  I wasn't sure what to do to get them ready for the next morning.  In the end I figured I had nothing to lose and tossed them in the washer.  They came out looking brand new.  I set them on the porch to get some sun to dry them out but that night they were still wet inside.  I wanted to make sure they were ready for my run the next morning so I tossed them in the dryer.  This was a ridiculously loud endeavor but those shoes came out dry and still looked as if they had just come out of the box.  I am thinking I LOVE a shoe that can go in the washer and dryer.

I have lots of different running pants and they are all about the same difference, except for these Asics Capris.  They offer compression support that seems to make my legs less tired.  Make sure you give these a good trial run before you decide to return them.  When you first put them on they will seem too tight but they are intended to be for the extra support.  A definite added bonus is the pocket.  Men's running pants always have a pocket and I have not found many women's pants which do.  These give me a place for my key or inhaler.

Light and cool and it feels dry, even when its not.  I like the curvy cut and gathering at the shoulders which gives this hard working shirt a more lady like appearance.

So 20 years ago I was in the running store buying a new pair of shoes.  They had a good deal on a package with 3 pair of Nike socks.  I picked them up and my athletic sock life was transformed.  I never knew a sock could make that much of a difference in the way your feet and shoes felt.  They were comfortable.  They didn't slip or slide.  They didn't rub.  They were seamless.  At the end of a workout my feet still felt fresh and dry.  I wore these socks at least 3 times a week for 17 years.  As time wore on one got lost here and another there.  But I seriously hung on to that last pair until 2013 when the last one got a hole and I had to concede it was time to move on.  I ended up with the Champion Duo Dry Socks (which are very inexpensive at Target).  These are every bit the performance equal of my of Nike socks except they are as durable.  After my run this morning I noticed a hole in one of the toes.  For the price I still think it has been a good run for these socks.

I seriously would HATE running without my phone.  For one thing we run in a secluded area.  I like knowing my phone is with me should I have an emergency.  For another I could not stand running without some great music.  There have been days when I ran just so I could listen to music.

Because what good is a great playlist if you can't hear it?  This is not something I would have invested in for myself.  Allen gave me a pair for Mother's Day last year and I have to say I love them.  At first I really wasn't crazy for the way they sat over my ear as it seemed they were always falling out.  After months of messing with them I mentioned it to Allen one day and he said, "Did you try changing the tips?"  Duh?  Yeah, I had never considered that.  It made all the difference.  They never come out now and they are comfortable for my longest runs unlike the apple ear buds which hurt my ears after a few miles.  I don't know that I am particularly partial to the Denon brand because I've never tried another wireless earbud, however, I love the blue tooth feature and can't imagine going back to the old fashion kind for running.  These ones do a great job of cancelling noise which is not the best idea for the areas where I run.  This would be a great feature if I ever actually used these around the house, though.  Actually, a few weeks ago I was helping Allen and the sharp sound of the tools was really hurting my ears.  I popped in my ear buds with some music and they served the purpose beautifully.  Although, I was reminded why I don't listen to stuff around the house.  Every two minutes I had to stop and pop the earbuds out for someone to talk to me.  For the record, I keep my sound at the lower end when running so I can hear the traffic around me.
This is a great little tool.  In run I can watch my miles and speed and the app syncs with my music to start and pause with my run.  You get voice over feedback at mile markers (or various other settings of your choosing) to let you know where you are in your workout.  Post run it tracks my running history, cumulative miles, average speeds and distances.  It even logs the maps, weather, location, calorie burn, and shoes for each run.  You can choose to use the running coach to help you increase your strength as a runner or invite others to a custom challenge.  As a running family this is a super fun tool and encourager as we all use it to keep track of each others runs.  Some of us aren't particularly competitive but others will run faster and further to keep up with or pass other family members distance for the week or month.  Oh, and by the way, this is completely free.

What about you?  What is your favorite exercise gear?  What item is on your running must have list?

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  1. I use for running
    1, Asics Gel Pulse 6 shoes
    2, Mobil phone, Sony Xperia Z3 - I love it and alway taking with me because I have a lot of music for run
    3, Endomondo app
    4, Sony Headphone MDR-AS200/BLK
    5, Polar H7 Heart Rate Monitor
    6, general, noname t-shirt and trauser
    ;-) I enjoy running