August 27, 2015

Princesses and the Little Ones

My big girls have been babysitting these little girlies since they were born.  And my little girls have grown up playing with these sisters.  And one of their favorite things to play together is dress-up.  When they are finished our house looks like Aunt Sherry's costume shop kind of exploded.  

We were able to enjoy a Saturday together with these friends recently which does not happen nearly often enough.  The weather was perfect for a cook out and some swimming.  

Addison and Annie are the youngest of 15 siblings.  The two of them kind of take all the other kids in stride.  People come and go and they just watch everyone's antics or alternately act as if no one else was there at all.  I hope these two will be as great of friends as the rest of our kiddos one day.
In the evening we went to a car show hosted by our Down Syndrome Family Group.
Other friends of ours came out to support our organization as well.  Isaiah just adores Samuel and they always have fun together.
Samuel is so good with younger kids.  No matter where we are the younger crowd always end up following him around and he is so good to get them involved with whatever he is doing.  Of course, Isaiah loves cars, too, so Sam didn't have to work too hard at it this day.
Everyone had their favorite car.  Elisabeth was crazy for this sunny looking one.

 And the girls and Addison were tickled by this job.
And my oh so funny friend teased about how much she would love to see all of us in this Mini decked out in the Union Jack.  If I knew the owner we probably would have done it just because we love a challenge... and it would have been a great Christmas card photo.
 These days it is a rare and welcomed treat to spend a day with friends doing such normal things as sitting around gabbing the afternoon away.  God is so good to give us sunshine, and pool water and friendship to make our bright summer days even sunnier.  We thoroughly enjoyed every minute.  As a matter of fact Aedan fell asleep sitting on the curb while we all stood around chatting.

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