November 2, 2015

Zig Zag Quilt for Baby G

I rarely make a quilt to give away.  Actually, I can think of only one time I have done so.  It just takes too much time and work and love to make a quilt.  And I hate the idea of turning it over to someone who might not love it as much as I do.  However, this summer we had a very special little one enter our world.  And no matter what gift I came up with nothing seemed just right except a quilt.  

I've been wanting to do a chevron or zig zag for some time and it seemed to suit this little fellow just perfect.  I started out wanting to do teals and reds but I couldn't find fabrics in those colors that were just right so I ended up with orange and a not quite turquoise.  I usually don't use kid sort of fabrics even when making a baby quilt because I want their quilts to grow with them.   However, I knew Baby G's nursery was going to be woodland themed so we worked in an adorable animal print as well.  It came out really cute, but I still worry that in a few years it will be too babyish for a little man.  

Once I finally settled my mind on making a quilt I only had three weeks to get it done.  I do all my quilting by hand and can seriously spend a year on one quilt.  But the girls said it was the only right gift so they would help me.  Which, if you do the math, comes to about 3 months with 4 times the man hours.  As it turned out we had a very rainy August so I had a few days indoors to work on it.  The week of VBS the girls and I stayed home while Allen and the boys went to volunteer so we had 4 evenings to get a lot done.  And somehow, I still can't believe it, we finished it a full week before our little friend's birthday.
 Even the boys wanted to help out so they took my design and laid out the half-triangles for me before piecing the blocks.
 Trimming squares goes a lot quicker with several people working on it
 This is one of the most exciting parts of a quilt for me... when it is all pieced and ready for backing... this is the first time I used the spray adhesive instead of pinning my sandwich... I will never make a quilt any other way.  I can not believe how easy and quick it was!!!  See the suitcases in the back... yes... we were packing for vacation as I was finishing up.
 Okay... so this is not the first time I said I'd machine quilt in order to save time.  But every time I start it... I end up hating it.  And then I pick it out and hand quilt.  We had a couple stormy days in a row and did just that.  Call me old fashioned but I will never like machine quilting as much as I like hand quilting.  This is probably the hardest part of having helpers for me.  The girls have not done much quilting so their stitching is not very nice yet.  And I could insist on doing it all myself so it would be just the way I like it.  But the truth is, doing it with them is more important to me than having it perfect.  We had some good talks and awesome laughs under that quilt.  It's a good thing quilts can't talk.  In the heat of August I was reminded why I like quilting in the winter!
 I had originally chosen a beautiful gray stripe for the binding but the store was a little short of what we needed and we couldn't find anything we liked as well.  We ended up doing a solid gray and I think it pulled it all together nicely.
 This orange polka dot was my favorite fabric by far and I love the way the muslin sets it off.
 This is probably one of my very favorite quilts.  Of course, I think that every time I finish a new one.  Isn't this backing so fun to keep a little baby stimulated?
Okay, and I couldn't resist showing you this simply adorable little guy!  Can't you just smell that wonderful newborness?
Welcome, sweet Archer!  We are so happy you are here and we look forward to seeing you grow and do wonderful things.


  1. It's SO beautiful! You make the most gorgeous quilts, and how wonderful to that special memory with your girls!

  2. This quilt is GORGEOUS! You are so talented! And it doesn't help that there is a super cute baby to pose along with it :)

  3. The quilt is beautiful!!... and what a special gift!

  4. We absolutely LOVE this beautiful quilt you made for Archer! The time and love that went into every stitch means so much to us. Everytime I look at it I think of your beautiful family. Thank you again! Love to all!

  5. Beautiful!!! Love the colors!