December 3, 2015

Pennant Quilt for Tuppy

Please explain to me how my kids friends are old enough to not only be married but starting families of their own!  This is both shocking, after all how can I possibly be that old????  And wonderful to see these young couples devoting their lives to each other as they serve the Lord and set out to raise up the next generation.  There are few couples who so purposefully strive for the Lord's will in every area of their lives as much as Brandon and Julianne.  And we are so incredibly excited to be eagerly waiting for the arrival of their first son.  Some time ago, when I was making Addison's quilt, I promised Julianne she would have one for her first baby.  So it was with great joy I set out to make this pennant quilt.  

My inspiration for this piece came from a quilt given to me some 25 years ago now by a dear lady I used to visit in a local nursing home.  She had lost so much of her vision she could not see to thread her needles but she still quilted completely by feeling the fabric!  She gifted me with one of her first quilts sewn in red and yellow fabrics.  It is now well over a hundred years old.  Mostly we use it to drape over a rocking chair, because we are all afraid of being the one to spill our coffee on it.  But every year at Christmas we use it as the skirt around our Christmas tree.  This was not only my first quilt, but it was this lovely woman and her gift which caused me to love quilting.  I chose reds and yellows to tie some of those themes into this special quilt. 

 Choosing fabrics was so much fun.  Each of the kids chose some following the two prerequisites, no two fabrics could be the same and all had to be red or yellow.  It took us hours.  When I put 36 bolts of fabric on the cutting table and told the lady at the counter I wanted a 1/4 yard of each I thought she might stab me with her shears.  But it was worth the risk.  I love it.  I loved working with all the different fabrics and I love the way it came out.  As a matter of fact I have the other half of each pennant and I think I will make a second one of these days.

 I used muslin to bring in a vintage feel and keep the colorful designs from being too loud for what I know is a neutral nursery.  I was finishing up the Zig-Zag quilt for Baby G as I was starting this one so I relied a lot on the girls to get both finished in time.  Even though we applied the pennants with double sided interfacing, Kaitlin zig-zagged the edges of them for me.  I am hoping they will fray with a few washings to make a nappy edge around each one.  My kiddos are very tactile and always like those little bits.  Kaitlin also added the straight stitching to create the feeling of pennants blowing in the breeze.  Tell me you got that idea.  After hand quilting around the pennants I had Kaitlin do little bits of zig-zag in the open spaces.  I was thinking it would give the feel of wind blowing... you know how they draw it in the comic strips... but in the end I think it was just there and no one would figure that one out.
 I chose this backing because it made me think of pinwheels, which seem to go with pennants and fun and celebrating and I pray that every day of this precious life is a celebration.

 In the end everyone had a part in this quilt.  Even Carmella helped with stitches on the last two pennants.  We were all so nervous about putting in the mail during the busy mailing holiday season.  Nathaniel was going crazy every day asking me if it had arrived yet.  I love that my boys appreciate the love and effort that goes into a quilt.  Most men would never get it.
And so dearest baby may you always be wrapped in the same love and warmth of a handmade quilt.  I can not wait to meet you as says the many Aunties and Uncles waiting to shower you with all kinds of hugs and kisses and blessings and advice.  Salute! Follow my blog with Bloglovin


  1. We are SO blessed to have you all in our lives! We know this quilt be something that we and Tuppy treasure forever! We just can't wait to wrap him up in it! :) It is the absolutely perfect addition to the nursery! We couldn't ask for a better Italian family!

    Much love - Julianne and Brandon

  2. Good afternoon, Kat~

    Oh, what a precious gift and such a beautiful quilt. You have done a wonderful job!