February 12, 2016

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Valentine's Dance 2016

We are always blessed when we make it to an event hosted by our local Down Syndrome Family.  F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is made up of some extraordinary people.  Unfortunately, due to Addison's fragile health and the crazy business we call life, we don't get there as often as we would like.  After our trip was cancelled we did manage a last minute appearance at the annual Valentine's event last week.  And I am just going to apologize right off the bat for some very lousy photos.  I have no idea who had the camera but I'm guessing it was a little somebody.  Although, I suppose we should be grateful because we were too busy visiting to take any photos.

This event, which has long since outgrown its original venue, is a great way to bring the group and the community together.  I would guess there were at least three times as many guests (near 300) as when we last attended in 2014.

Christina does an amazing job of getting everyone involved and decorating the space on a limited budget.  And she manages to look amazing, too.  All while taking care of a newborn, a very active 5 year old and a 3 year old with special needs and a complex medical history.  We are so grateful for her contribution to the group, to our family and to the amazing little people she is raising up.

A F.R.I.E.N.D.S. gathering is often like a family reunion.  
The kids enjoy catching up with their friends and very much enjoyed dancing the evening away.
Allen and I were catching up with friends and missed Parker and Carmella dancing.  When I saw this photo it was one enormous AWWWW!
With a little help from his siblings, Addison had the florist make this corsage for his friend.  Tiny, tiny, tiny... with lots of bling were the instructions.  So cute.
And was he surprised when she presented him with the most adorable, also tiny... tiny... tiny... boutonniere.
These two have always had an uncanny connection.  Addison will perk right up when he sees a text with her photo come in.  Madison loves to blow him kisses and give him hugs.  And he likes to play hard to get.  They seem to have good days and bad days at the same time.  When Madison had her last heart surgery, Addison pined away for days until she was moved out of ICU.  And last winter with 1200 miles between them, they both even ended up in the hospital on the same night with croup.

It has been common knowledge since they were pretty much born that these two must be destined for each other.  And how can anyone possibly argue with that kind of cuteness???

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