January 24, 2017

Here and Now

I get periodic emails, voice mails and text messages reminding me I haven't posted since April 2, 2016.  And I think, "Hmmm... blogging.  I remember that.  It was fun."  And that's about as far as it gets because then life smacks me in the face and the moment is gone for another month.  The rare moment I have had to open my computer, seriously twice over the last nine months, I get so overwhelmed at the idea of where to start I get absolutely no where.  The other night I was thinking on this very topic and I thought, "Why not stop trying to figure out how to catch up on all that I've missed and just start with the here and now?  At least that way the world at large will stop thinking I am being held hostage or dead."

The sad fact is the here and now is quite an uninteresting and pathetic sounding post.  We are sick.  We have, in fact, been sick for  more than five weeks.  It started with 10 colds which grew into 7 cases of bronchitis and a ruptured ear drum.  Despite finishing antibiotics and many breathing treatments, there are 7 asthmatics in our home, people are still sick.  We've been to the doctors more times than I can count and threw in a trip to Children's hospital for kicks.  We've run the gamut of flu tests, strep tests and chest x-rays.  And, by the way, since its a brand new year with a brand new deductible the out of pocket expense has been astounding.  My husband seriously flipped out when the pharmacists informed him the cost of inhalers alone was $1200.  Yikes.
Doctor's office selfies