November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Way past due but I can't let Thanksgiving go unmentioned here because sometime this year someone will ask about some detail and then go looking on my blog for the post.  The hallmark of most of our holidays are the food and the people we spend them with.  And, as is typical, there was no shortage of either on Thanksgiving.  

Five things that made this Thanksgiving wonderful.

1.  My annual coffee date when the girls and I gather our twenty something years worth of Thanksgiving Bon Appetites and the family recipe box and head to Starbucks for Pumpkin Spice Lattes to plan our gatherings and menus for the holiday season.  

2.  The pre-Thanksgiving cooking day when the kids and I hit the kitchen at sun up and prep turkeys, pies and side dishes... while Allen wanders in and out of his office beside the kitchen looking for samples.
So I forgot to thaw the turkeys... they spent the day before floating in the bathtub... which Carmella thought was HILARIOUS.  She spent the entire day running back and forth to check on the birds and sometimes would disappear for long stretches of time... sitting on the edge of the tub watching the ladies as if she expected them to sit up and talk to her at any minute.

3. One of the things which make our Thanksgiving table special are the friends who have sat at it so long they are no longer friends but family.  What keeps it interesting are the new friends who join each year.  And what keeps it unique is that we are typically the minority at our table for whom English was a first language.  All these different view points make for interesting conversation and truly represent the very first Thanksgiving in which natives welcomed the newcomers.  This year we had friends who are native to France, Africa, Jordan, Poland.  
Love this photo of Allen teaching the guys how to carve a turkey.

4.  The food.  I just love it.  I wish we could have Thanksgiving dinner like ten times a year.  And they are the only leftovers I ever look forward to eating the next day... and the next... and the next.
Some things like these glazed cranberries are a must for appetizers

And my brother's stuffed mushroom recipe are so amazing people make a point to be early because they don't want to miss them

But I love trying some new recipes each year, too.  These hard boiled eggs with mustard sauce, olives and quick pickled vegetables were such a hit we made them for Christmas guests as well.

5.   The Macy's Thanksgiving parade.  This is a tradition that started with my mother and we have carried on with our kids.  This and the super bowl are the only television we watch all year.  

Because I can't stop at five...

6. The table.  We put at least as much time into planning and setting the table as we do planning the menu.  This year there was a lot of discussion about the table.  Our dining room will be relocated in the new house.  Our contractors worked hard to get the wall moved before Thanksgiving so we could have dinner in the new dining room with the table fully extended to its 21 foot glory.  In the end we kept it in its original location because it occurred to us there were no lights in the new space yet.  
Much like the menu, I love to have some tradition like the table runners

with some sentimental... the chargers Allen made from a tree we had to take down this summer

And a little whimsy thrown in... gold spray painted pineapples

7.  The games.  After dinner and dishes we always migrate to the family room for dessert, pool, air hockey and a lot of shouting.  This year was extra special because we had a flood exactly two weeks before Thanksgiving which resulting in completely gutting the basement, again.  The kids worked feverishly to lay new floor and get the space ready for our guests.  By the time restoration work was complete they had just ten days to lay an entire new floor.  It was worth every late night to watch the air hockey tournament and listen to Pascal play the guitar.
Pascal plays guitar after dinner

Air Hockey Champions Allen, Pascal and Norbert

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  1. Oh, my I have missed you! It looks like you all had a WONDERFULLY BLESSED Thanksgiving. All your food looks DELICIOUS!

    I am so glad I stopped has been too long!!!