February 12, 2017

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Valentine's Dance 2017

This weekend was our annual F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Valentine's Day Dance.  Our local down syndrome group has been such a source of information and support to us these last three (almost four!) years and we always enjoy the time we can get together and catch up with the other families.  Unfortunately, with so many family and work commitments it is a challenge for us to be involved in many events but we are always blessed when we can slip out and see how the little ones have grown and hear what the older members are up to.  The Valentine's Day Dance is one of our favorites because unlike most of the gatherings which are typically mostly members from our group this is a community wide event.  Last night's celebration even included two baseball teams and part of a local boy scout troop.  Another reason we really enjoy this event is because many of the events are during particularly busy seasons such as Christmas and Thanksgiving or times that are complicated for our family like the annual Buddy Walk which usually takes place during our vacation.  But in February there isn't typically way too many events going on so it is easier to get it in the schedule.  We were very happy to have one of our families who moved away make the trip back for the party and see how well this little one year old is doing and how big he has grown!   

I happen to think Addison looked so very handsome especially when he donned his boutonniere from his sweetheart Madison.