February 11, 2017

The Mountains


For a few years now we have gone to the mountains to celebrate my birthday.

Allen's gift is the long weekend and the girls gift is to handle all the packing, meal planning and grocery shopping.
We have been running so hard for so long I seriously didn't think we could get out the door fast enough.
And then I got sick before we left and debated whether staying home would be a better option.  
In the end I decided if I have to be sick it was probably better to do it there instead of here where I am faced with a constant stream of things which need doing.
This winter has been very much void of snow with unusually high temperatures.  While this is great for building a house, it has been disappointing for the winter and snow loving lot of us.
 It was nice to get away and enjoy the cold temperatures and fresh layer of snow.  Our drive up always includes a stop at one of the very few places we ever eat pizza away from home.  This is the first time Addison has ever shown any interest in eating pizza.  He is far from ever being able to actually ingest it, but we were excited by his attempts to taste it.  We will work on his manners once he gets chewing down.  But for now we didn't want to discourage him.
Time up at the lake involves lots of outdoor fun like sledding,

snowball fights, hiking through the woods and snow man building.
 Indoors we curl up by the fire with books,
play darts
 soak in the hot tub
and do puzzles.   I totally can not imagine why the fork is there... even though I am the one holding it.
Oh, and of course we cook.  And eat.  A lot.  Mostly soups, hot cocoa and comfort foods, like french toast.  This Champagne Mimosa Cake was amazing.
I absolutely loved this creative gift Samuel made for me.  He heard on the radio that smell triggers our greatest memories and that scents related to certain circumstances can trigger memories.  He said he wanted me to have the relaxation of our getaway all year long so he set about making a custom essential oil blend for the diffuser and kept it running all weekend.  I swear he is the most creative kid in the world.
I could never think of a better way to spend my birthday, or any day, than uninterrupted fun and rest with these people I love most.

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