April 21, 2017


The last few months our family has claimed the promise of Psalm 51:12 "Restore unto me the joy of they salvation; uphold me with thy free spirit."

April 20, 2017

Easter Morning 2017

Saturday night I threatened the family to be dressed for church and on the porch at 9:00 sharp for a picture.  With our porch newly finished and the weather forecast perfect I could not wait to get a family photo before we left for church.  And it was a complete bonus that the cherry tree was reflecting in the window.  I hate timer pictures, they are always so hard.

April 14, 2017

Race 4 Respect 2016

Despite my best intentions following the Race 4 Respect 2016 to post photos right away for team members and posterity, I find myself in the now familiar position of trying to unearth and post nearly year old photos in preparation for race 2017 which is a mere six weeks away.  Team 2016 was the largest yet and a fun eclectic mix of business associates, family, friends, prayer partners, young, and ummm more mature runners and non runners alike.  Each one has been part of the team which has held us up through trial and cheered with us through triumph.  Having them with us on the day we celebrate the fighting spirit and victories of Addison and his peers means So.Very. Much. to this family.    

April 7, 2017

April Showers

We have had some serious rainy days lately.  We have definitely enjoyed using the cozy days at home wrapping up our school year.