May 26, 2017

Balloons, Family and Hope

Every May we launch balloons in memory of our baby in Heaven.  Instead of being a sad occasion, God's grace and mercy make this a celebration of our hope we have to come.  It is hard to believe he would be seven this year! 
I like that each person chooses a balloon which perfectly reflects the nuance of their personality or what this event means to them.  And how all those come together in one big, mismatched and joyful balloon bouquet.  Kind of like this crazy, loud, mismatched family.  Notice Addison's is Anna and Elsa???
As a mama, it is a blessing to observe the way each child interprets how the details should go.  And what that reveals about the way they view the world, life, family and God.  
Samuel, my adventurer, likes us to tie all the balloons together so they will remain together.  
Some kids are all about logistics.  "If we tie the balloons together they won't make it anywhere because they will get stuck in a tree."  Yes, this did happen once and everyone cried.  
My problem solvers came up with the, "Let's cut the strings so there's no possibility of getting stuck" method.  This is definitely the best way to go, should anyone be wondering.  
And it works out to be a win-win because they all float up in their own path while the wind currents keep them all floating in the same direction.  And to be honest, I can hardly think of a better illustration of our hope and vision for our family.  
To find the path God has created for them, make their mark on this world in a big way and always stay close to the heart of family.

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  1. What a sweet way to commemorate your loss. I love that the whole family gets involved in celebrating that sweet life