June 28, 2017

Light Post

One of the boys many projects during construction was installing a new light post.  

June 10, 2017

Week In Review 6-4-17

Long ago in a world before Addison and house building I made a point of posting a few photos from the previous week each Thursday.  We love looking back at these and remembering little moments we had forgotten and I love the weekly motivation to remember to take photos of the daily living as my little ones grew into big ones.  I determined to get back to that practice and somehow my goal of Saturday has already turned into Tuesday.  But here it goes.  A few snippets of our crazy world this week.

Our week started with our first Preview service.   

June 5, 2017

Preview Service

With our church launch only a few months away our team has scheduled three preview services to get the ropes of a portable church down before we open to the public in September.