June 28, 2017

Light Post

One of the boys many projects during construction was installing a new light post.  

The wire to the previous one was cut by some workers a few years back which meant we had to dig a fifty foot trench two feet deep from the driveway to the house.  I knew it would be a big undertaking and was waiting for someone to need an attitude adjusting job.  It only took a few hours before Samuel was assigned the task.  He popped in his ear buds and set to work.  He was back to himself in an hour but the job took him a long time to finish.  I love the way he burst out laughing (a testament to his improved attitude) when he finished digging, they fixed the wire in ten minutes and then Allen told him to fill it back in.  "Wow!  That trench was three days of my life and no one will ever know it," he said.
It has been such a blessing to watch all their years of observing Allen and helping him at work pay off in the ways the boys can help out now and it was a treat to sit on the porch early one chilly Saturday morning and watch them work together to get the job done.  It is even more precious to see the smile on their faces which shows their pride when they finish a project for us.  Each time I flip the switch to turn the light on for guests I have to smile at their industrious ways.  

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